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Nail Competition @ Seoul, Korea NOV 2011

The trip to Seoul, Korea with Pink Room was an eye opener for all of us! It is a once in a lifetime experience that every Pink Room student should go through~!! After the Hong Kong School Trip earlier in November 2011, the school had another trip to Korea at the end of the same month.

Like mentioned in previous competition blogs, the excitement and anxiety is different from what you experience when you sit for a Pink Room Examination, as the expectations and requirements are different!! It's practice, practice and more practice!! Corrections and important pointers and training with our Principal Rachel Tang, and Master Educator Joe Chua~


The Competition started very early in the morning for the higher Divisions. It wasn't as scary then as not many people were there yet. More and more competitors started to fill the hall soon after... I had not seen so many people competing at the same time before! It was much much more people than the Competitions in Singapore, Malaysia and even Hong Kong!

We started to panic as more competitors would also mean that the chance of winning is slimmer! Our Principal Rachel, and Master Educator Joe gave us encouragements~ and assured us to have faith in ourselves! 

This year, we were thankful for our Master Educator Joe to be there to "take care" of us, else we would be lost! He helped to make sure that our Models reached on time as some of us had to compete in two categories, and would be uncontactable. 

Here are photos taken during the Competition!! 

We were lucky to have  Master Educator Joe who took the trouble to take pictures for us during the Competition~ Principal Rachel was busy judging the Higher Division Competitions.


 It wasn't as nerve-wrecking for some of us since we took part in the Competition in Hong Kong previously. We have learnt a lot of important points to take note and keep a lookout for, as Joe and Rachel would correct us after the Competition.


We had the chance to visit the Beauty Expo and take a look at the competitors preparing for the Mix Media Category. It was interesting as there were many booths with Make-up, Hair and Nail products that were not available in Singapore.


Take a peek at our students' Competition work!! This is a reward for months of hardwork!!


Everyone anticipated eagerly for the results to be announced. I think most of us did have much confidence winning seeing that so many people took part. And everyone knew that the Koreans were very strong!

~~~~~ waiting waiting waiting for our results ~~~~~


Super proud of PinkRoom as everyone won a Prize for EVERY category that we took part in! All the hard work we've put in finally had rewards! 

It wasn't an easy win for all of us since there were many International competitors taking part in each category. There were 50 over people taking parts in some of the categories, and we managed to be in the top ten places!! 


Here's more photos of our PinkRoom team, together with our Principal Rachel, Master Educator Joe, and Senior Educator Nicole, who also took part in the Professional Division.

As the Certificates were in Korean, we had to have the awards translated for us~
PinkRoom bagged the 우수상 수상 (Excellence Award), 예술 상 (Artistic Award) and 장려상 수상 (Encouragement Award) for the Acrylic Single Color Sculpture in the Division Two category.

We also took home the 우수상 수상  (Excellence Award) and 기술 상 (Technical Award) for the Natural Nail Care (Red), and 우수상 수상 (Excellence Award) for the Natural Nail Care (French) in the Division Two category.

Our Senior Educator Nicole won the SECOND PRIZE in Gel Design Sculpture Div 3, 우수상 수상  (Excellence Award) in the Gel French Sculpture Div 4 and  기술 상 (Technical Award) in Gel Manicure category Div 3.


More photos at the Award show with our Trainers, team mates and models...


It was such an enriching experience for all of us! A big big thank you to PinkRoom for helping us contact the models to arrange everything before the trip, allowing us to go for this competition with less worries!! Giving us a chance to make new friends from different countries and having the chance to practice before the actual competition. 

And not forgetting to thank our Models too!! For taking time off their busy schedules to allow us to practise before the competition 


Join us on the next School Trip!

~a live report by kawaii

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