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A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : 這是我的第一次

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ivy [SIN11-xx9J].
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On 16th April, I had my first experience on gel. i had not done any gel in salon or play with it before. Hence from school, I have signed up for Angel Pro Gel Manicure Course. This is an additional course and i hesitate for some time before i decide to go for it. 

As many can say gelish (gel+polish) is simple, jus apply like polish. Since school started, approximate 2 months, i am still in my first module. Yes. Basic knowledge is important and you need solid foundation before you can start doing naily for others.

This is a totally wrong statement and things are more complicated than you think.

this course provide us some basic understanding, teaching us the correct method and technique of simple nail art. And gel nail art is different from polish. My Diploma course cover gel extension but not manicure, and me as a total noob towards gel, i wish to learn in-depth of e full process. This gel course is also e fundamental course before i can take up a Angel Pro trainer course. e Trainer course will allow me to equip with proper skill before i can teach others. I love to share and teach people =)
Lets spread and share e naily love~~

Before i start any naggy story, let me show you what i got from this course! 

Some nail art learnt from class! 
I used the six colors from the given set, but i use white and brown polish to complete the lace on the roses (1st from left), and the bear's feature (3rd from left). 
These colors are more pastel in actual. The color might had some changes as i need to use strong lighting in e night to capture these.
the technique used on polish and gel are totally different. My first marbling was "overflow"!
With better understanding of e gel texture, on my 2nd try, it was much better. I can better estimate e amount needed. But of coz, there are still lottas room for improvement. 

6 Colors with some basic stuffs!  Of coz 6 is not enough for me. So next day in school, i bought additional 15 bottles! 

With new member to e family, i need some storage space. Have yet think of a proper place for them.
(my cupboard was full of my polishes) this is a temporary solution... i found a pretty box to store up my gel. 
Gel colors aint cheap... But i can't resist e colors.. Have to slowly save up for e colors..
Color obsession !

New colors! Having total 21 colors now.. but some are out of stock.. 
on e waiting list =) Cant wait to have more colors!


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