Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Trina's Certificate Exam

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Trina [SIN11-xx4J] Student since October 2011.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

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Good News to share, my classes have ended already! I've officially completed my Diploma Course at PinkRoom! (:

And not only that, beginning of March 2012, I went to take my manicure certificate exam, this was the group photo of me, my classmates and the pupils of PRINA (PinkRoomIntNailAcademy).

 Bottom: Joe(my extension classes teacher, he is the best! things that we cant see thru our eyes can be seen by his. LOL), Rachel (our principle), Nicole(my manicure teacher)

Registering our names.

 Janet & myself

 Preparing our table


 Thats me! trying to shape my model's nail (:

 After our practical, we were all talking about our experience while taking out pratical exam. At the mean while, waiting to take our Theory Exam too.

Trying real hard to rmb what I studied de night before. YES! I only started studying the night before T.T cos I'm the type that studying way before doesnt help in remembering stuff. :x

 This is my french manicure

and my red. (:

Overall experience, I think I was scared? and my hands were shaking towards the end of the exam cos I was soooooo afraid sth might go wrong and that I may just funk my exam. But after finishing, I believe that I did not that bad for my practical whereas for theory I felt that I didnt studied enough and was pretty worried about it.

During my last weekend, I received a call saying that my result was out, and that I would be able to go down to check out if I did passed it, As I was on my way to Vivo I decided to drop by to collect my result and shun bian stock up my extension stuff.
AND.... I received my transcript & cert which means..

My Manicure Cert

I didnt know theres this Distinction thing until my classmate told me. LOL!
But Im glad I've passed my manicure exam (:

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