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A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : My First Lesson at Pink Room!

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Shona [SIN12-xx2A]
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My First Lesson at Pink RoomPosted on 

I just ended my class at Pink Room!!! Super exciting first day cuz all students will receive their course kit! Hehe this means I get more new products/ items, which is awesome! :) I couldn’t sleep well last night because I was simply too excited! I also started counting down mentally since last week lol!


All products are in the pink course kit as shown, including all course notes etc! I am only disappointed that I didn’t get a pink manicure bowl… lol; almost everyone else had it in pink while I had a boring transparent one which I do own it at home :( 

My course notes!

We had 6 hours of theory and we had to do a big amount of copying! I am very intrigued by the theory lessons we had, I had no idea the nail structure was so complex. We also learnt alot on hygiene, such as the differences between santization and sterilization and the steps we have to do in a manicure process and also massaging techniques. I also realised I’ve been mistaking oval shaped nails as round… Opps! Teacher Rachel; who is also the principal of the school, also started giving hints for the exams. Lol, that kinda stressed my class abit I guess since we weren’t expecting the word ‘exams’ during the first lesson. My class had about 14 students; I’m not so sure about the exact number since quite a few came for makeup class! But we do have a good mix of different ages and nationalities!

Besides the products we were given in the course kit; we had to buy more products needed for next week’s class (e.g. red, white and pink polishes, barbicide etc) Reason being is that I want to get a new set of tools for school use so as to not get mixed up with my current ones. I’m also thinking of renting a locker because it’s tedious bringing a basket of stuff over to school and then for self-study sessions! T-T

I tried on my apron just now and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was ridiculously long so I think I shall get it altered so that I don’t look that short, lol! I cannot wait for next week’s lesson! We will start on filing and polishing techniques so stay tuned for my update on my nail lessons every week :)

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