Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : My Basket

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ivy [SIN11-xx9J]
Student since October 2011.


My Basket

The Naily Diploma consist of 6 certificate and 1 Diploma exams. 
Total 7! OMG~!

e first one - Professional Manicurist Certificate.

We were briefed that to get e cert, we will b tested on Theory, Practical and complete 2 assignments. We had 50min for the practical exam; a complete set of manicure and 80 questions for e theory.

*taking a deep breathe*
Suddenly, manicure does not seem so easy~~

Well, i rearrange my baskets and change e mend pump for acetone. Quite satisfied with e arrangement, i decide to take some closeup pics of my basket. 

This basket will accompany me thru e journey of diploma, and even when i start my home salon. And, I had to bring them to school from work every tue and thur. Last thing i had yet to put in my basket was a couple of 2-way colored art pens. I had order them online, and hopefully they will arrive soon.

Oh yes, i also need to label them. 
Everything inside e basket except e files, orange sticks and clipper. Initially, i was thinking to stick Swarovski crystal to label them. example - A for Alcohol, S for Hand Sanitation.. But points will be deducted for incomplete labels =(
So I'm still thinking of some other way of stylish labels.
Any ideas anyone?     

White & Clear 
= Close up=


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Sherry said...

Hi ivy.... I'm currently doing lessons at pink room too. Just wanna check where did u go to buy the basket disinfectant cup small water glass and the cotton container?