Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Lesson One

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ivy [SIN11-xx9J]
Student since October 2011.


Lesson One

Yea! I am real excited about going for my Naily Class. 
sorry guys, was too tired to blog on Thurs, and I decide to blog after taking some nice pic during the weekend. So here it is...

I expect class after work will be tiring. And first lesson is on THEORY!
Pure theory for 3 hours. But i did not even yawn ! Guess because i was still excited about going back to school.
I was surprise by the number of the students in the class. All along I thought the class schedule was delay due to insufficient students. But I was shocked when a whole 18-20 gals turn up~!

For a Diploma course, it consist of 6 modules/topics. And each exam consist of both theory and practical. I hate theory. Seriously.

This is e "student kit" for this first module. I was quite impressed as this is quite a complete set. 

Actually I was quite worried about first module - the professional manicurist certificate.
We will learn all the basic; everything of naily and how to cut/shape naily for others. This is something which hold me back from doing nail for others. Because i'm scare to cut others naily.
Think i need to grab some white mice in few weeks time.

Notebook and documents for assignments

As a ice breaker, there was a short introduction for the class, and we were to say out what's the reason we took up this course. Some for passion, some going to open a Salon, some planning home-based salon.. 

Mine intention was home-based salon. Its not a bad idea to do something you fancy and earn some extra allowance during the weekend. Well, hopes everything turn out well.

In the PINKROOM academy, just like its name, everything was in PINK. What will be my home-based salon color palette in future... hmmm... 


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