Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Check In" to Pink Room!

Check In to Pink Room on Facebook when you are in school!

You can now check-in directly to our official Page -
It's one of the little things that makes coming to school fun!

Here's how to Check In... in just three easy steps!
Let your friends on Facebook know that you are taking professional nail lessons with us. 
Take this chance to "inform" your friends that you are venturing in to nails~~ and they'll know who to look for when they need a manicure... it's a form of advertisement!  

Friends on Facebook will be able to access directly in to our PRINA fanpage to find out more about our school and the courses you are taking~

See some of the cute Check-ins by our students, their nail models and friends when they visited PinkRoom... Many students bring their friends back to school for practice even after completing their lessons. It's heart-warming and encouraging to see the sweet comments and support from their friends~  


 Signing off,
~a kawaii

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