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A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : White & Clear

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Ivy [SIN11-xx9J]
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White & Clear

On e first lesson, my teacher already inform us that we each need a "basket" for exam, and for future business. This basket will contain all e basic tools we need expect big equipment like UV Lamp/Hand Fan...

Before we start to prepare e basket, she ask us to think of our theme. She advised a basket with a same color theme will look neat and organize. i find that very true. Why ikea wardrobe always look so neat and organize? b'coz e clothes,hangers and closet are all in pure white.

I start thinking hard on my theme and e style i wanted to have in the future.

Finally after much consideration , i settle on White & Clear style. Neat and minimalist look.
Thats the color for the tools. As for furniture, should go for white too, but maybe more bit towards cozy feel. But i do like the ikea clear acrylic chair that they selling. White need more time to maintain, but as a free lance, it should not be as headache as retail salon.

We will see how.. earliest to start biz is in 2013 after i grad this year end. However, I can only setup a TRUE HOME SALON after i get my BTO in end 2014. In current home, i can only try to input as much decor as i can. But it will be in the living room...i can't change the living room now..
My Basket !

Look nice? There is a few stuff missing, once completed, i will take a full pic =)


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