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A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Polishing and Filing!

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom - Shona [SIN12-xx2A]
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Polishing and Filing!
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Saturday’s lesson was all about filing and polishing techniques! Didn’t manage to rent a locker from Pink Room because I forgot to bring my own padlock T-T, but my classmate, Agnes was kind enough to let me share hers until next week ^^
As you can see, this is my basket for class; its almost full and I’ve yet to get items from my checklist! Also, I bought a new hand rest just because I’m lazy to switch around my other one at home!
Okay… I had no idea nails had 5 shapes until I joined Pink Room. I learnt from my previous workplace that you have to ask the customer whether she wants a square or round shape so all along I thought there was only 2 types of shapes in general. Little did I know that they’re 5 internationally recognised shapes!! The first one is square, rounded square, round, oval and pointed! We did spend alot of time filing and going through the steps for the entire manicure process!
Next was polishing, and we had to practice our brush strokes on this laminated worksheet first before doing it on the nail tips! We only managed to do 4 nail tips before classes ended! Hehe Teacher Nicole said ‘good’ when she checked my polishing yay!!!! Hahaha!
I felt that I got a little bit cheated when I bought the red, light pink, white and babydoll polish from the school. I could have gotten better quality brands such as OPI. I don’t mind using expensive polishes to practice because the brush is better!!! The ones from the school have a jagged edge for the brush; not totally flat and you can’t really make a good curve near the cuticle when polishing :( sigh… …
So that sums up my 2nd lesson!!! Cannot wait for next week cuz we’ll be learning cuticle work! Teacher Nicole also said that we should start on our assignment soon… That’s filing and polishing 50 tips of French and red manicures T-T

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