Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pink Room (PRINA) Certificate Examination March 2012

We had just finished our Pink Room (PRINA) Certificate Examination last Sunday! 
Students taking part in this month's Certificate Examination gathered in school early in the morning with their models and their tools. We overheard that many of them did not sleep the entire night. Some rushing to finish their assignments. Some were too nervous to sleep. And others were still practicing till the wee hours the night before. They are aware that the passing-mark is very stringent. 


The morning started with registrations and checking of model's nails~~ The whole situation was very chaotic as it was the first time for those taking the exams, and they did not know what they should do! 


The usually quiet corridors of International Plaza outside Pink Room (PRINA) were filled with chatters of the PRINA girls! Everyone doing their last minute preparations to make sure that their exam kit is ready before the start of the exam; some doing last minute crapping from their  Pink Room (PRINA) Theory Exam. ~~ 


 Pink Room (PRINA) exams starts exactly on-time and everyone would only be allowed into the exam halls once the designated stated time reached. You could feel the anxiety in the room while the manicurists were setting up their table.... this was part of the Pink Room (PRINA) exam too. 


While the our students are busy setting up their tables, all their models are gathered outside the exam hall waiting. So many people everywhere! Thank goodness for our Pink Room (PRINA) ultra big campus to be able to hold soooo many people at one time. 


Our Principal Rachel grades everyone's setup and brief everyone on the Pink Room (PRINA) Certificate Exam questions and criteria. She also gave a short briefing on what is the required standard, what constitutes for a immediate fail and what to avoid doing during the examination.


You can see Principal Rachel doing her "rounds" marking and grading the students during the entire 
Pink Room (PRINA) Certificate Exam. Ensuring each and everyone details of the service process is correct and every students' skills & techniques learnt during class is up to standards. 


It was peace and quiet for awhile before the manicure exam ended, but once the exam finished; everyone was outside the exam hall, while the examiners and Principal Rachel graded the models' nails. The whole school was filled with excitement, chatters of students started sharing their experiences during the exam! For awhile, it felt like everyone knew each other (although they are from different class)~~ Like our Pink Room (PRINA) students always say, they are glad to join PinkRoom for they've met many new friends during the process!


 More pix taken throughout the day...  
Pink Room (PRINA) Certificate THEORY Exam 

 More pix taken throughout the day...  
Pink Room (PRINA) Certificate NAIL EXTENSION Exam  


 A group photo for keepsake!! 


That marks the end of a super long tiring day for everyone!! 
 Good Job All!! 

~a live report by kawaii

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