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Fun times in Hong Kong 2011

PinkRoom nail school organises overseas trips for students every year. This year, I had the chance to go to Hong Kong and Korea with the school. Trip to Hong Kong was at the beginning of November 2011. The main objective was for the Pink Room Team to participate in the International Nail Competition in Hong Kong. That is the trip's most stressful part for me ~the nail competition~ after that was happy happy eat, shopping & tour all the way!! ^^

The trip was a "free and easy" one and not tour-packaged. I prefer it this way, as it was cheaper and more flexible for all of us. Many of us gals in the Pink Room Team came with friends/family as Hong Kong is easy to travel around as we are so familar with the place! I had great fun bonding with everyone, as it wasn't something we would have done together if we were in Singapore... 

Finally arrived at Hong Kong's airport~!! 
Briefing by Principal Rachel at the Hong Kong Airport...


Check out the super kawaii colorful luggages!!

Night after the nail competition ended with a celebratory dinner treat by Principal Rachel at a 茶餐廳 cha chan teng in Mongkok.


It's not all work and no play! To reward ourselves for the weeks of hard work, we spent a few more days in Hong Kong after the competition for yummy food, sight seeing and our favourite hobby, after nails... shopping!!
What's Hong Kong without dim sum breakfast! Super long Q at a famous dim sum store...but the food was yum yum!! It was worth the wait *thumbs up*
Rachel with her frozen yogurt from Panda House *happy*
Our first MTR trip... Check out our Octopus card, their form of ez-link card. Hehe We must have attracted lots of attention by taking the above pix in the middle of a crowded MTR station~!

Hehe~ Secret shot of our super cool Joe >.< 

We visited Wong Tai Sin Temple, which was very different from the temples in Singapore.
Check out the super-glam lift lobby of the resturant!! They had crystals hanging all over the resturant~

Inspirations for our yummy-dessert nailart~!! 

Local Hong Konger Q-ing overnight for Iphone 4s!!! This was taken at 2am~

Delicious street snacks of Hong Kong!! 

We visited the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. It was so cool cause I've seen (on TV) and heard about it but I've never thought of going there~ On one of those nights, Rachel suggested, and we thought why not!! And we took a mini bus to the jetty, and a boat to the restaurant. It was so grand!!

The lights you see behind us was the Jumbo Floating Restaurant in the middle of the sea~

And more touristy photos......


Last picture before we fly back to Singapore. 
Every one was so coordinated in black~~

 Hope everyone had fun!!  

The time and effort was all worth while! For me, it was an experience words couldn't describe.  I would like to thank all our trainers - for sacrificing their one and only off day every week, for the past two months to provide training for us. 

Lastly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU as all the logistics for the whole trip, booking of hotel, arranging of models etc was really out of goodwill from the school & you guys didn't charge us any extra cost for all these done.. 

Thank You from the bottom of my heart! This trip let me have a chance to learn & grow as a person! ^^ Hehe. Super mushy, but I meant every word!

Read about the Competition experience in Hong Kong here -

~a live report by a kawaii pinkroom.gal~

*Photo credits to all the other kawaii pinkroom.gals in the PinkRoom Team^^* feel free to download for remembrance & keepsakes...

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