Wednesday, February 1, 2012


With the next Kawaii Melody Pro Nail art workshop coming up, I thought it would be a good time to blog about our last workshop by PRINA.Club.

The last workshop was the KITTY DESSERT NAILART WORKSHOP!
It is everyone's favourite character and we had two classes due to popular response.
The workshop this time round is different from the previous Kitty workshop. We taught cutesy desserts like ice cream, donut etc since festive seasons were round the corner!!

The workshop was taught by our Principal, Rachel Tang~ Rachel has been teaching for many years now, and is more than experienced to teach you gals, the secret techniques to create these cutesy nailart that are used in Japan! After all, she is probably the only Japan Level 1 Licensed Nailist from JNA in Singapore.

The day started with Rachel sharing the nailart she created and what the students will be able to achieve at the end of the workshop. With these kawaii images in mind, everyone was excited and ready to absorb all that she had to share that afternoon! 

Not only did she painstakingly repeat the little points to note when creating the desserts, she also touched on color combinations to use. You might not realise, but the color choices are very important and will affect the overall look. Students were given the secret recipes, what color numbers combinations to use, detailed technical step by steps! Super!! 

At PinkRoom's workshop, you'll make every cents worth as the trainers willing share and teach every little pointers you'll need to know to create the prefect nailart... from proportions, to colors, to positioning and which product to use and how to control the product ~

Rachel will patiently check and correct every student's work as they progress to more advance nailart by the end of the day. Every student managed to hands on and tried doing the desserts that were taught. Apart of the practical, Rachel had theory to teach students the proportions of the nailarts.

The workshops were sponsored by Angel.Pro, Charisma and 1Q32. 
The students used the PASTEL and TRADITIONAL colors from Charisma, and 
SUNSHINE RAINBOW SERIES and YUMMY PASTEL SERIES from Angel.Pro to create the kawaii nailart.


A group pix for keepsake~! Check out the happy faces~ though tired after spending the whole day here! With no break~ as everyone wanted to make full use of every minute in class  

With hard-working students like this, PinkRoom is more than happy to hold more of such workshops in the future! It beats having to travel overseas to learn kawaii nailart as you'll need to pay more and still, the trainers are not as patience and detailed as our trainers. That's only because our trainers teach for the welfare of students! And want to take make sure that every student learn and archive.

See what some of the students had to say! 


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The next upcoming workshop is the MELODY-PRO Nailart Class~!
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~a kawaii

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