Friday, February 24, 2012

Gold Prize Win in Indonesia!!

PinkRoom participated in COSMOBEAUTE Indonesia International Nail Compeition last October. 
It was a grand event in Indonesia as nail technicians from all over Indonesia and neighbouring countries would travel down to this beauty fair to take part in the nail competition. Many may not be aware but the nail industry in Indonesia is actually very happening. They do pretty nail art, and also nail extensions! There are many salons that specialises in Japanese kawaii nailart too...

Our Senior Educator, Nicole took part in the Nail Extensions category. Most of the other contestants were from Indonesia. Some of them are experienced technicians in Salons...
It was Nicole's first time participating in the nail competition in Indonesia and she managed to clinched the GOLD PRIZE for the NAIL EXTENSION CATEGORY!!!
YIPPEE to our SENIOR EDUCATOR Nicole and our MASTER EDUCATOR, JOE CHUA's competition training techniques!!

 BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO NICOLE for placing the top prize~! 

 Nicole won a hamper full of nail products, a plaque and 2.5 million Rupiah in cash!!!
The culture for the nail competition is slightly different as those in Hong Kong and Korea. The prizes are Gold, Silver and Bronze instead of the usual first, second and third. And there was cash prizes and product hampers on top of the winning plaque!!

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There was also a Fantasy Nail Art Category for the competition. The theme was “Save the Planet”. For Fantasy Nail Art Category, contestants are judged on their overall look, not only the nails... Which means that using materials that is recycled to create the final look will also gives them additional points! 
The outfits that the contestants did were all very over-the-top and futuristic. Most of them had their face painted and was wearing very creative outfits. It was very different as compared to those we saw in Korea and Hong Kong. It was very fun to watch!

Once again~~ Congrats to our senior educator NICOLE! 

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