Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Dear Melody lovers....
Here's the perfect workshop for you!
Learn to do the kawaii-est nailart; 
You'll also learn various ribbons and other cutesy designs like the puffy roses and strawberries 
that you see on the poster~!
  かわいい !!~!! 
You can use these each design to do a full set, or individually as nail art.


This is a two day workshop. 
Each workshop will last from 12-6pm on 4 & 11 of Feb 2012. 
This workshop is personally taught by our Principal, Rachel Tang, probably the only Japan Level 1 Licensed Nailist from JNA in Singapore. Take this chance to learn the secret techniques used by the Japanese Nailist from her. 

~Do note that you'll have to complete MPRO-L1 + MPRO-L2 to advance to the third Melody class~

This is the first time PinkRoom is teaching such special techniques... be the first to learn among all the other nailists~ Discover the special technique to create your very own gumball machine, dangles and charms! 

First 8 pax who sign up will receive a set of Angel Pro Acrylic color powder (12 colors),
one Angel Pro Design Brush #5 and one 1Q32 Instant Gellish color gel. 

Call the school to enquire about the Early-Bird discount for registrations~!

~Do note that you'll have to complete MPRO-L3 for future MPRO-Class~

 Call +65-6220 1592 

or email prina.club@the-pinkroom.com

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Signing off,
~a kawaii pinkroom.gal~

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