Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Add your PRINA.Nailist Qualifications on FaceBook!!

Have you added PinkRoom to your Education on Facebook?
Here's how...!!

2. Search for "The PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy [PRINA]"
3. You can also add the year you attend PRINA & even record the course that you're taking!!


Show your customers all over the world your 
Nail-Qualifications as a PRINA.Nailist~* 
Add your College/University Education today! \(^.^)/

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free hands-on use of 1Q32 Instant.Gellish colors for nailart designs

 Free hands-on use of 1Q32 Instant.Gellish colors for nailart designs. Total of more than 144 colors... It is like drawing with paint, just that it does not dry-up no matter how long it is exposed to air; so students can take their own sweet time with their designs... But it does dries instantly to high shine once under the UV/LED lamp! Cool yo~ (b^.^)b~*

Friday, December 16, 2011

Diploma Examination 2011

 A big thank you to every student's model for sparing your time on this day!!

~ more photos on our FaceBook Page ~

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Happy Classroom Moments ^.^)Y

I decided to post some happy-classroom-moments before posting the Diploma 2011 blog. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \(^.^)/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

September 2011...
  Students gave a surprise birthday celebration to Eileen SIN11-XX6G~ \(^.^)/
Check out the prettiest smile~ 
Glad the classroom whiteboard 
came to good use!! LOL~

 Those few days in Oct 2011, when the contractor refused to come down to fix the electricity in our office...He was too busy! We had fun teaching & learning in the romantic darkness, best time to put those kawaii table lamps to good use!! Shows that there is time for fun & joy even amidst darkness situations in our lives~
Before the Black-out~~ And posing for a photo during the Black-out ~~ LOL!!

 Teaching and learning surrounded by FANTASTIC AERIAL VIEWS different times of the day promotes creativity and happiness ~ (^o^)/