Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PinkRoom Certificate Examination:AUGUST 2011.a

The results are out!

Yes! Our students must be waiting eagerly to get their results. 
Do drop by the school to collect your results soon.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to those who passed.
For those who didn't, don't be discouraged. With the experience from this exam, you would be able to do better the next time round or working at a salon. Please note that the standard of passing for the school goes in accordance to international license standards, this is to ensure the highest level of competence is achieved for every professional certificate. 

Anyhow, we're sure that all of our students have put in their utmost effort in the exams. So give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it for the hard work you put in!

A GREAT JOB, every one!

21st August 2011

Every one was up bright and early for the exams. Many were doing last minutes preparations, others relaxing their minds for the exam. And then, there were those still trying to recall the steps for the Manicure! 
The peace and serenity before the nervous students filled up the exam room...
Those taking the theory test were busy absorbing as much information as they could.
Check out the "mess" the school was in that day...

 Stay tuned for Part II~! 
~a live report by kawaii

Part II here -

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Overseas School Trip 2011

It's time for our school's annual trip~ PinkRoom organises school trips every year so that our students will get to experience the different cultures and see for themselves how the nail industries overseas are different from that in Singapore. 

NOTE: The school does not mark-up on any cost of air tickets, lodging, competition fees, food, transport, entrance tickets and all other expenses. The school makes no profit from this overseas school trip. The objective of the annual overseas trip is to enrich past & present PRINA.nailist in their passion for nails. 

This year, we are going to HONG KONG and KOREA!

The main purpose of these annual school trips are to take part in the international nail competitions and explore the different nail products and techniques that may not available in Singapore yet. Taking part in nail competitions will allow all of you to strive and push yourselves harder to improve. The experience is totally different from the stress and excitement you'd get when you take part in the school's exams. But it is all worth it! 

Our Principal, Rachel Tang had been invited as an international judge for both Hong Kong and Korea nail competitions since 2006. Both International Nail Competitions are highly participated and sought after events; where nailists from all over the world, like Japan, Korea, Europe goes to compete. It is an a truly unforgettable experience and an eye-opener for all who had participated before.
 Our school trips are also opened to all students who have already graduated from PinkRoom! Especially for those of you who have been doing nails for some time, you should use this as a chance to upgrade yourself and to improve on your skills.

Same as the many years before, Competition training by our Master Educator, Joe Chua and Rachel herself starts early before the competition. A look at our school's past winners that both of them had trained, will give a good idea of the exciting skills one would pick up. These trainings prepare each students to be ready for the competitions and to do the school proud! 

It will be more fun doing this together as compared to doing it on your own...
So join us on this exciting experience! 


First stop is Hong Kong~ The first two days will be for preparations of the competition and  the competition day itself. After which will be for shopping and sightseeing. We will have late night shopping followed by supper in the city that never sleeps. Give yourself a treat for a long hours that you've put in for the competition training.



Same as Hong Kong, we will be there for the Korean's international nail competition. This might be the first time to Korea for many students. It will be a whole different experience from Hong Kong... the food, weather and culture is totally different. 

Korea will be more interesting as compared to Hong Kong as there will be the Beauty Fair to visit after the nail competition. It will be an eye opener for every one! It's winter in November... and you would be able to shop till 5am in the morning every single day!! >.< 

Do give us a call at +65 6348-1592 or email us at if you are interested to join us. There are limited space left, so decide fast!

The school does not mark-up on any cost of air tickets, lodging, competition fees, food, transport, entrance tickets and all other expenses. 

All air tickets 
and lodging are purchased online thru the respective's official website. Prices of the air tickets and lodging will follow the website prices accordingly; due to the fluctuation and increase in airline's prices as it gets closer to the date, it is advisable to register early with the school for the trip. 

All prices collected are as stated on the airline or lodging's website. The same goes for all fees for competition application, transport, entrance tickets, etc.

The school makes no profit from this overseas school trip. The objective of the trip is to enrich past 
and present PRINA.nailist in their passion for nails. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Thank you for your support! 
This wouldn't have happened if not for all your votes. So... thank you!! We appreciate the extra effort to make this come true...*big huggies*
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