Thursday, May 26, 2011

KOI nails that "Glows-In-The-Dark"

Some time ago, I randomly did a set of nails to try out a "glow-in-the-dark" gel polish i was given to test.... it ended up looking like my favourite brand of bubble-tea!! You guess it...KOI Cafe !! My favorite is Grass Jelly Milk Tea with 70% sugar-level.. I am not paid to endorse them, it's just that all good stuff must be shared...^.~

So the next time you run out of ideas for nail-art, just ask for KOI-Nails!!! Haaahaaaa..... 
Have fun!!
This is how the nails look with normal lights.... This is how the nails look without lights... Cool right?!
The gel polish needs to soak up normal white light in order for it to glow in the dark...

"Behind-the-scene"... yeap! yeap! photos were taken with my good'o blackberry phone...LOL

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter from a PRINA.Nailist

Found this when sorting out my desktop folders. It'something a graduate student wrote about me for the COZYCOT 100 MOST INSPIRING WOMEN AWARD 2011. Reading it again is like reading a "love-letter"... I must say it's very touching and inspiring... So I would like to share it with you all, she is darn talented don't you think? I am sure she would be a good writer if she is not already a nailist.

Written by: Sylvia Tan (SIN09-xx3C) 
When I was a child, I used to draw and color a lot. But as their precious daughter and with hopes of her pursuing other than arts, my parents make sure I don’t take up the art stream during the school days.
I remembered how the nail industry starts booming in Singapore back in the 1990s. I wasn’t the kind of girly type but am all curious on what they can do to the nails. It wasn’t until I step into Pinkroom one fine day with totally no idea about manicure that got me where I am today. I decided to fulfill my curiosity by checking out this famous school in the industry. And I was lucky, to have spoken to the school’s Principal, Rachel Tang.
No one says it was easy but it wasn’t that difficult, if you have the strong passion within, accompanied by someone who influences and inspire you to do what you really like. Rachel has always been there for every aspects of my passion. Turning my passion into a profitable business was a crazy decision. Rachel’s constantly checking up on me and the encouragements showered kept me going. Her selfless teachings and sharing is her kind of affection for her students and her own passion.
Today, I draw and color on a smaller surface – finger nails. With the inspiration works of Rachel and her precious knowledge that she shares, I’m having my share of lovable customers. I believe Rachel has inspired a lot more young ladies in her industry and is continuing doing her part to touch everyone with her works.
Click to read about Sylvia's Featured Newspaper Article on MY PAPER: 

Monday, May 16, 2011

ifeel magazine - Africa Rocker摇滚非洲

NAILS: The PinkRoom Int’ Nail Academy      •MODEL: Jane Tan    • OUTFITS: Blueberry, Bangsar 

Africa Rocker摇滚非洲

狂野金棕 X 长颈鹿斑点


We did the nails for ifeel magazine spread last summer, considering the hot summer is here again... figured i'll do the step-by-steps in detail for these series of pretty pretty photos..
There is a total of 5 sets of photos, this is the 2nd set of nails we did...ifeel is a Chinese-language magazine for youngsters... 

Text marked with an asterisk
* is written by me...
oki..oki.. the nailart below can also be done using gel polish or acrylic nail powder (which would be more lasting).. but as i'm super impressed by OPI's website, thus I'm gona be doing the step-by-steps using OPI polish! hehehe...
*Step 1: Polish your nails with OPI Alpine-Snow, if you have darker or lighter skin tones.. you might wana check out the last step-by-steps advice.
Link here:

*Step 2:Use a red-ember color with an orange undertone to do the draw the giraffe's prints. 

A color like OPI's ON THE SAME PAIGE would be the close to what you would want. If you would ilke a darker orange-red, TASMANIAN DEVIL MADE ME DO IT is also cool. 

*Step 3:This set of nail art has a safari-theme, thus choosing an animal living in the safari would be what you want. You can go with other animals, but make sure you choose one with a distinctive body pattern. I've posted some giraffe's prints for you to copy onto your nail art.

of coz it had to be pink...hahaha!
Please do not use the entire piece!! ...
Do just pick & choose a few blocks to cover the middle part of the nail.
*Step 4:Use a dotting tool to put polka dots onto the areas without the giraffe print. Use back the same color.
*Step 5:Add stones and bullion beads to bling up the nail.
Don't forget your last layer top coat polish to seal in the polish & give the shine your nails needs!

*Step 5:
Add stones and bullion beads to bling up the nail.
Don't forget your last layer top coat polish to seal in the polish & give the shine your nails need!

Cheerios~* rachel.T