Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PinkRoom Certificate Examination:AUGUST 2011.a

The results are out!

Yes! Our students must be waiting eagerly to get their results. 
Do drop by the school to collect your results soon.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to those who passed.
For those who didn't, don't be discouraged. With the experience from this exam, you would be able to do better the next time round or working at a salon. Please note that the standard of passing for the school goes in accordance to international license standards, this is to ensure the highest level of competence is achieved for every professional certificate. 

Anyhow, we're sure that all of our students have put in their utmost effort in the exams. So give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it for the hard work you put in!

A GREAT JOB, every one!

21st August 2011

Every one was up bright and early for the exams. Many were doing last minutes preparations, others relaxing their minds for the exam. And then, there were those still trying to recall the steps for the Manicure! 
The peace and serenity before the nervous students filled up the exam room...
Those taking the theory test were busy absorbing as much information as they could.
Check out the "mess" the school was in that day...

 Stay tuned for Part II~! 
~a live report by kawaii

Part II here -

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