Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter from a PRINA.Nailist

Found this when sorting out my desktop folders. It'something a graduate student wrote about me for the COZYCOT 100 MOST INSPIRING WOMEN AWARD 2011. Reading it again is like reading a "love-letter"... I must say it's very touching and inspiring... So I would like to share it with you all, she is darn talented don't you think? I am sure she would be a good writer if she is not already a nailist.

Written by: Sylvia Tan (SIN09-xx3C) 
When I was a child, I used to draw and color a lot. But as their precious daughter and with hopes of her pursuing other than arts, my parents make sure I don’t take up the art stream during the school days.
I remembered how the nail industry starts booming in Singapore back in the 1990s. I wasn’t the kind of girly type but am all curious on what they can do to the nails. It wasn’t until I step into Pinkroom one fine day with totally no idea about manicure that got me where I am today. I decided to fulfill my curiosity by checking out this famous school in the industry. And I was lucky, to have spoken to the school’s Principal, Rachel Tang.
No one says it was easy but it wasn’t that difficult, if you have the strong passion within, accompanied by someone who influences and inspire you to do what you really like. Rachel has always been there for every aspects of my passion. Turning my passion into a profitable business was a crazy decision. Rachel’s constantly checking up on me and the encouragements showered kept me going. Her selfless teachings and sharing is her kind of affection for her students and her own passion.
Today, I draw and color on a smaller surface – finger nails. With the inspiration works of Rachel and her precious knowledge that she shares, I’m having my share of lovable customers. I believe Rachel has inspired a lot more young ladies in her industry and is continuing doing her part to touch everyone with her works.
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