Thursday, May 26, 2011

KOI nails that "Glows-In-The-Dark"

Some time ago, I randomly did a set of nails to try out a "glow-in-the-dark" gel polish i was given to test.... it ended up looking like my favourite brand of bubble-tea!! You guess it...KOI Cafe !! My favorite is Grass Jelly Milk Tea with 70% sugar-level.. I am not paid to endorse them, it's just that all good stuff must be shared...^.~

So the next time you run out of ideas for nail-art, just ask for KOI-Nails!!! Haaahaaaa..... 
Have fun!!
This is how the nails look with normal lights.... This is how the nails look without lights... Cool right?!
The gel polish needs to soak up normal white light in order for it to glow in the dark...

"Behind-the-scene"... yeap! yeap! photos were taken with my good'o blackberry phone...LOL

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