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A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Back to School & Happy School Days :)

I would be posting a series of personal Blog entries under:
by our cute PRINA.students/graduate nailists during their personal study with us. 
I hope to have you all see PinkRoom truthfully through the eyes of our students instead. For me, it's comments & posts like these that makes every heartaches & hardships of educating raw-zero knowledge gals to become professional nailist, just the bit-bit more worth it... ENJOY!!



TAKEN FROM PRINA.NAILIST MAYUKO MAY TAY'S BLOG ON HER STUDY EXPERIENCE @PINKROOM.This is her 2nd & 3rd personal blog posting on her study at pinkroom. as she look a break from her study schedule for a thailand trip, there was difficulties getting her back in class
This time contains some unhappiness as she missed her classes & needed to do make-up classes... also as out school was moving & searching for the right location to settle down...

but still there are oso many happiness too! ^.^

I thought her blog post about her experiences at PinkRoom Nail Academy to contain no fake nice words; i found it very personal & real... with her ups & downs... 
I hope to have you all see PinkRoom truthfully through the eyes of our students instead.

I stumbled upon her blog-posts just last month & had a good time laughing & reading her be-lated posts. I am sure you'll also have 
an interesting time reading.For me, it's comments & posts like these that makes every heartaches & hardships of educating raw-zero knowledge gals to become professional nailist, just the bit-bit more worth it... ENJOY!!

 Cheerios~ Ms Rachel.T 

taken from PRINA.nailist Mayuko May Tay's Blog on her study experience @PinkRoom:

28 July, 2010

Back to School to . . . SMU

Back to my Nail Academy on Tues for my class but I was late! For about 40min I guess -.-''
as I had a hard time trying to locate my school which they recently moved to SMU! Madness!
Initially I plan to take a train there but change my mind last min as I need to change my train
like from Bukit Gombak to Jurong East Interchange then City Hall Interchange to Bras Basah!

Hence, I took a train to Bukit Batok & took bus 106 instead which a smart ass told me that the
whole journey only takes about 40min end up it took about an hour plus! *roll eye ball*

Altho I feel very -.-'' but I still decide to forgive that smart ass for I saw a note she left on my table a few days ago and I only saw it that morning when I'm packing my bag last min! LOL

Thanks babe^^
I feel so surprise and touch when I saw this note!

Have not been updating my lesson on blog as the schedule of my lesson is very complicated.
Ever since I returned from my Thailand trip, I was told to stop lesson for a month as my class
was about to complete their Manicure & Pedicure lesson hence I can only join back when they
starts Nail Art. Feel so cheated when during the seminar I was inform that should I miss out any lesson, I can make up for it with other class else, it will be a 1-to-1 session end up it is not so.
Feel more devastate when one of my my classmate, Madaleine told me that her friend who join the school a batch later then us has just started their Manicure & Pedicure lesson but I am not asked to have my make up lesson with them!? I was only told that when there are any class available for Medicure & Pedicure, they'll let me know again.

So . . . what to do? Feel so cheated & fuck up by their arrangement. *Angry*
I was later back with my original class when they started Nail Art and it was a torture! Because
I've not yet learn how to do proper polish and proper ways of holding the nail polish bottle I was being questioned by my classmate and teacher when I joined back the class. They will ask me tons of question like why do you polish this way? Why do you hold your nail polish bottle that way? Don't you know that it is incorrectly??? Etc . . . etc . . . etc . . .

Anyway, the school arrange me to attend Acrylic & Gel Extension lesson this time which I don't understand why I must jump module AGAIN when I've not even complete my Nail Art 3? Fuck up arrangement. And I got to convert my Part time evening class to Full time morning class till evening in order to study peacefully else for every single lesson I'll be questioned & treated with stares like as if I'm a freeloader!? What the hell, I paid up $4K school fees in cash way before I start my 1st lesson yet I got to be questioned again & again. What's your student ID? Are you sure you are a student in this class . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah and goes around asking my classmate whether they really have a classmate with them call MAY TAY? *faint*
So this is what you get for paying FULL school fees & the 2 month money I paid for my locker went down to the drain since they didn't move the locker over to SMU and when my lesson was stopped for a month. *haizzzzz*
So this is my course note for my 1st lesson on Acrylic & Gel Extension which is the module I look forward to most in this whole course :)

11 August, 2010

Happy School Days :)

Been busy attending school , making accessories , accompany bestie (Wei Ling) , doing housework and looking after my remaining 9 dogs these days :)

Life has been busy but I am very happy & contented as I'm living my every day happily to the fullest. Just that it could be better if baby is back with me. Kinda feel sad when I thought of my birthday which is coming this September and he couldn't make it back. Don't feel like celebrating it so I guess I'll just hide myself at home and sleep.

Been learning 3D Nail Art emboss , Acrylic Extension and Tips overlay at school recently and it is so difficult! LOL. But I strongly believe that practice makes perfect hence needa practice MORE! But first of all, I got to buy more course material in order to practise :(

Damn broke man.

White acrylic powder and monomer alone already cause me $100++
Studying this course is really not cheap and not easy but I still love and enjoy it because it's my passion and interest. So must 'JIA YOU'!!!

*Bad hair day @ school*

Many people has been asking me what I intend to do after I graduate and will I open a nail salon after I starts to make good money?


I'll work as a Freelance Nail Technician after I graduated as I adore the freedom of working as a freelancer whereby I've got all the says in my schedule which is what I want but I will never end up opening a nail salon as I do not want to invite any burden on rentals , sales & staff problem.
Specially rental. Once people drag down by this problems they'll try to sell products to their customer to cover which is not something I like.

Got to go now ^^

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