Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : 1st lesson @ The Pink Room ^^ -

I would be posting a series of personal Blog entries under:
by our cute PRINA.students/graduate nailists during their personal study with us. 
I hope to have you all see PinkRoom truthfully through the eyes of our students instead. For me, it's comments & posts like these that makes every heartaches & hardships of educating raw-zero knowledge gals to become professional nailist, just the bit-bit more worth it... ENJOY!!

 Cheerios~ Ms Rachel.T 

Taken from PRINA.nailist Mayuko May Tay's Blog on her study experience @PinkRoom. 
She is now an accomplished freelance nailist..do give her some support! I thought her blog post about her experiences at PinkRoom Nail Academy to contain no fake nice words; i found it very personal & real... with her ups & downs... I stumbled upon her blog-posts just last month & had a good time laughing & reading her be-lated posts. I am sure you'll also have an interesting time reading http://mayuko-maytay.blogspot.com/2010/04/08042010-1st-lesson-pink-room.html

1st lesson @ The Pink Room ^^       08.04.2010

Had my 1st lesson @ The Pink Room International Professional Nail Academy :)
Am so excited for that whole day during work despite having only slept for a few hours on the night before! LOL. And I rushed for my class straight after work without having any dinner hence for the whole 3 hours in class my stomach keeps rumbling which is so embarrassing!
Anyway here's the pretty Huge Kits that I receive from the administrator during my 1st class~!
Awww . . . Look at the pretty packaging on the Left! So professional yet kawaii right? ^^
Right side of the pix shows what's inside the bag. Basically there is 2 big package
of zipped lock bag filled with some basic stuff we would need to use for the basic
mani and pedi class. For the package on the top right, it's only for students taking
the Diploma course which is me! *proud* it consist of a pink apron which signify
the school Diploma student! *blush* And obviously a fake hand and a cuticle oil
are inside as well. The Hello Kitty note book is given to me from my baby
*thank you* and the notes on the bottom right is what I went thru during the
1st lesson.

And well . . . that's me playing with the Fake hand! LOL.
Don't mind me as I am trying to bond with my Fake hand since it is going to accompany me all the way till I graduate (at least). And since I'm bored, I use it to disturb my dog ^^ *haha* Look at his facial expression and body language! He is so timid like always. *Oopps*

Full preview of what's inside the kits :)

Simply can't wait for the next lesson to start next Monday altho next lesson is still theory lesson I am still looking forward to it ^^ as I am treating this course with a very serious attitude! 

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