Sunday, April 17, 2011

PinkRoom Certificate Examination:APRIL 2011.a

Just completed our Certificate Examinations today.. total of 3 assessments, i know its super tiring day for everyone today!!... well done girls!! give your self a pat on the back &; a kiss on each other's the cheeks...haha!
I'm going to do the pre-exam photos first, the rest tomorrow... 
so here are some photos to relive the sweet memories...  

 outside exam hall...

 students' super kawaii bags all neatly lined up..

 setup & examination questions & instructions. 

 students' super sweet & supportive model-friends... thank you everyone for your patience!!

nail checking & more instructions.. nagging nagging... haha!
do keep yourself posted for the rest of the pix!!
 ms Rachel.T 

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Eloise said...

i can see the sun raining on me at my seat T_T