Monday, May 2, 2011

BEHIND THE SCENES: i-feel magazine photo-shoot

Many are curious what happens behind the scenes in the production of a magazine spread or television commercial to give you the picture perfect final product you see daily on TV, Catwalks, Magazines, etc.

Before nails, Ms Rachel.T was in the biz of the glam-production you see daily; letz just say what you see is not necessary the same glam behind the scenes... 

Nowadays, i seldom DIY whenever there are photo-shoot requests, but instead mentor & teach my trainers/graduate students how to do it. It'll give them opportunities to experience these "glam-jobs" instead. Would post more of such jobs done... 
Well here's a little peek of the last photo-shoot blog-post few weeks ago. For the magazine: i-feel's Sunshine Babe photo spread. 

Nailtips must be prepared before the shoot...for this case, we would also be doing a step-by-step.

The nailtips for final photo-shoot are shaped & fitted onto the model...hmm, we teach these techniques in NA1 class. the PinkRoom standard...nailtips are totally customized to the cuticle line..Yeap!! Must look like real...

Yeap!! This is how it always looks behind the scene.. it's not a real beach ok...haha!!usually the model to enter the scene setup last.. after everything is setup. 

After the model is in placed, she is basically treated as part of the props & the professional lighting-man, make-up, camera-man,etc. would arrange & move everything in place for the perfect shot...

Hehe... see how "comfortable" she is lying on the "beach" with our nice nice!super professional!!
Final Magazine Spread!
promo 2  NAILS: The PinkRoom Int’ Nail Academy      •MODEL: Jane Tan    • OUTFITS: Blueberry, 

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