Wednesday, March 9, 2011

100 Most Inspiring Real Women Award

LIKE ME...LIKE ME...LIKE ME...Hahaha.... day was perked yesterday by a phone-call from CozyCot:
"Congratulations!! You are one of the 100 Most Inspiring Real Women to receive an award this weekend..\(^.^)/ "
...thus the posting of this blog, seemed that the most "likes" wins a prize...
So do take some time to trot down cozycot's website to "Like" me...
(I'm on the page 81--100...)

haha! can't imagine i'll post a "like-me" request.
Let's see how many "Likes" we can gather.."Like-away" and help spread the word..!!
It'll be super duper fun!!

CozyCot is honored and proud to present to you our 100 Most Inspiring Real Women! They have proved to be of inspiration in their various fields not only among their colleagues, families and friends, but also to rest of the women across the globe. Nominated by CozyCot's editorial team and also by the public through our campaign microsite, these women have shown the world what is it like to be inspirational icons in their own right.

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