Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rubber Duckie...Bath Time \(^.^)/

Created this 4 nailart tips before Xmas 2010! Had shown some of you gals last year..haha!
I used ANGELPRO's - acrylic powders & gels to create all of them.. itz missing one more nailtip & I am contemplating what to make, itz between adding a "cat" or a "rabbit" into the bath tub with the rubber duckie... lol

ANGELPRO acrylic powders used:
SG07, SR01, YP12, TP03, SR09, YP10, CLEAR, WHITE.
ANGELPRO soak-off gel used:
JWD05, Soak-Off Clear Gel. 
*ANGELPRO's users - Feel free to re-produce the designs using their powders. 
*For color details.. check out the comments section for this pix.
* The designs for these art are referenced from various japan nail-artists.
\(^.^)/ Enjoy...

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