Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girly Minnie Mouse

A girly-mouse to the collection.. Feel free to copy the design & reproduce..If you are up to it, use this as a reference and come up with your own newer designs. Juz mention or credit us lah..^.^

* The designs for these art are referenced from various Japanese nail-artists.
Nail Products: 100% AngelPro Nail Systems.
*Gel Steps:
1. Red-Gel as Base 2.Acrylic-paint for milky-white dots 3.Clear-Gel-Overlay.
I did not off-shine the gel before applying the acrylic-paint or last layer gel, but the white paint didn't spill-over even when i applied the clear gel over.. TOTALLY AMAZED!
*Acrylic Steps:
4. 3D emboss all done with acrylic color powder[Black+White+Red] 5. Paint on the eyes & mouth & letterings. 6. Final layer with Super-Shining Top Gel overlay.

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Ellen said...

lovely nails <33

Xx Ellen