Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Updates??

Yeap.. it had been a month, but no updates till now. Not that there had been nothing going on at the school, in fact it was solely due to the fact that there had been too many things going on...haha! Thus, I do not know where to start resuming the blogging.

For now, the kitty sample for students who took The.PRINAclub's : hello-kitty themed class on 21.11.2010. Please post your photos to me on fb/email/which ever ways you deemed fit. I'll reply & comment corrections accordingly.  

About :
The.PRINAclub's : hello-kitty themed class.

Topics :
*How to create Kawaii-ness.  *Gel-Art.  *Color & Layout.  *Ultra-3D effects.  *Perfect Lace petals.  * Ribbon A.
*Kitty Ribbon.  *Kitty Theory & Proportions.
*3 Color Gradient Mix.  * Complete Kitty holding Heart.  *Hands-On.  *Individual One-to-one corrections. 
*Homework & corrections. *Certificate Award & Photo-sessions.

Duration : 1 Day (6 hours)

**I know some of you had never touched acrylic powder in your life!..but pls do not worry if you have difficulties with the nail art after the class, i would be here to help you even after the class is done..this is the good thing about PRINAclub classes. 

It is a place where I hope to cultivate all PRINAgals' passion for nail-art and nail techniques after you had completed the required foundation nail-topics in your Diploma Courses. Of course academic topics are more boring and time-paced, but it is necessary for you to have a solid foundation as it would be easy to build anything on top of that foundation we gave you. 

Thus, it is no surprise that many students find it easier to achieve any topics from other schools or nail-suppliers after they completed our course. Same thing can be said from these suppliers, that our students are easier to teach & perform better than other students.

To all your screams: Why no ad-post on the blog about this class??!!! WAAAHHH.....

Answer: Coz while i am flying about to 5 different countries to do judging or nail classes, this class was already full before I managed to post up on the blog...
i am so sorry about it.... :'(

Answer to your next question: Yes, I would be doing another kawaii nail-art class in December 2010. It would be different topics. Details would be up by Monday 29.11.10.