Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Product Intro Lesson @ Pink Room

These few personal blog posting of our student on her study-log at PinkRoom, is towards the end of her Diploma Course with us.. 

Talks about her future plans & also the last few free-topics that'll prepare her for the "world-out-there"...Talks about her future plans & also the last few free-topics that'll prepare her for the "world-out-there"...

I thought her blog post about her experiences at PinkRoom Nail Academy to contain no fake nice words; i found it very personal & real... with her ups & downs... 
I hope to have you all see PinkRoom truthfully through the eyes of our students instead.

I stumbled upon her blog-posts just last month & had a good time laughing & reading her be-lated posts. I am sure you'll also have 
an interesting time reading.For me, it's comments & posts like these that makes every heartaches & hardships of educating raw-zero knowledge gals to become professional nailist, just the bit-bit more worth it... ENJOY!!

 Cheerios~ Ms Rachel.T 

taken from PRINA.nailist Mayuko May Tay's Blog on her study experience @PinkRoom:

28 September, 2010

Product Intro Lesson @ Pink Room

Normally after this lesson, it is the end of the whole Nail Technology course and all of us probably wouldn't see each other(classmate) again unless in between there are some modules that we miss out then we got to come back for the make-up class.

I'll let the picture do the talking now :)

I'll surely miss you girls,
hope to see you all again when I come back for my self-study ya.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kawaii Doggies with Gel-TopCoats

Oki gals.. you can see the big difference between applying a layer of gel-topcoat & without. The thing with getting the best lasting effects from applying gel-topcoats is choosing the correct brand so that your nailart doesn't end up turning yellow after some time.. or even worst, cracked!!
OMG... I had so many bad experiences with some brands, makes me want to cry after seeing the ruins on the nail art designs, coz all nail arts done are precious efforts.. imagine seeing their "faces" crack is quite traumatic... ( *haha.. ok lah..i drama-queen again..lol..! )

Btw I'm using ANGEL-PRO's SHINING TOP GEL for these two cuties-canines..*product sponsored hehe..but so far so good; no cracks or color smudges on any of my nail art!.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

AngelPro SOAK-OFF GELS..stays & stays....

OMG.. was going through my face-book and stumbled upon this photo tag. It was an experiment that I was trying on Chelxi's natural nails. At that time, many students had problems with the AngelPro's soak-off gel staying on their nails, i was trying to trouble-shoot the problem.
After consultation with the manufacture, I got the students to do full 1 minute cure for their first layer gel application. I found out that everyone was freeze-curing for only 10-15 seconds, thus the lifting problem. Actually, this freeze cure is common practice with traditional non-soak off gels, but the same should not be used for an organic soak-off gel.. 
Anyway, I did the marble-design with full cure of 1-2minutes for the 1st layer..and woa-lah! Super lasting soak-off-color gels onto natural nails! There is no lifting on the edges around the soak-off gel too! I was impressed! But we were also quite grossed out too lah...coz the gels are super ugly with so much of the real nails showing underneath. Anyway, we soaked them off in less than 20 minutes in pure acetone. Cool!
these are her  nails after soaking off the color gels. no damage to the real natural nails, although it looks abit dry without any cuticle oil.

Friday, September 24, 2010

More Kawaii Doggy Nails

More kawaii doggy nailart. I had not put top-coats on them yet... I think the effect would be cuter after the gel-top coats. Would post the after top-coat versions so you gals can make a comparison.
As you can see, it had been really hot last week and I was trying to hide from the sun again at Matsuzakaya Department Store. Can you see poor Kapuchiinousa (カプチーノうさ) next to the huge Pink Sakura Panda? haha..

The huge SAKURA PANDA in front of Matsuzakaya Department store is an advertising character of Matsuzakaya department store. Last year 2009, the huge sakura panda was sitting down.

xoxo,RachelT~ in Tokyo!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updates on PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes

Kawaii Doggies NailArt in Tokyo! Some doggy nailart upgrades I did in my hotel while escaping the terrible sun in tokyo last week. The heat is really terrible(x10000).. Anyway, the doggy had more details than the last & she's wearing a polka-dot pink t-shirt this time round.. dear Kapuchiinousa  (カプチーノうさ) is posing next to it as usual...Wahaha! ^.^

Updates on the PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes: 
The KL Nail Show is finally over, we should be hearing from the nail product suppliers this week. Thus, all information on the cost of the classes to be posted by beginning next week.
Special concessions for PRINA students. 
I plan to have the first PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Class would start running in Oct 2001.
A summary of what you can expect from the PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes:  
1. All Classes would be conducted primary by Miss Rachel.T.
We would also be honored to have our PRINA Grand Master Educator Joe Chua for some of the classes.
Guest-Trainers from different parts of the world would be invited to "guest-teach" once a while too. Local Nailist would also be invited to do guest-appearance or demos in the plan to support & promote local nail talents.

2. The PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes would be held once a month, maximum twice a month.

3. Topics includes all types of Nail Arts like - Acrylic Embossed 3D, Kawaii Characters nailart, Folkart/tole painting, Design Sculpture, Airbrush Designs, Color-Gel nailart, Mixed Media nailart designs, etc. just to state a few topics.

4. The main topic to be taught for each class would be posted in advance on our official internet media. *Topics taught would not be repeated for the next 6-8 classes, thus you would need to wait for the next round if you had unfortunately missed the topics you liked.

5. Each PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Class would include demonstration of the advance techniques by the Master Trainer. It would also include hands-on sessions where each participants can work on the designs taught alongside the corrections given by the Master Trainer.

6. Only the nail products brand endorsed by our sponsor nail supplier would be allowed to be used during each class. [Full product list to be posted once we get it from the sponsors. Tentatively safe to say that Charisma would be one of the brands they agreed to allow..hehe]
*Imitation versions of the brands are not allowed; mainly because all imitations contains toxic cancer-causing chemicals and I dun want to have cancer..haha!

7. All available  seats are based on a first-come basis registration. Class size would be limited to the venue we are conducting the teaching.
Keep yourself posted here for the latest updates. If you do would like more conveniences in getting updates, adding yourself to our FACE BOOK account would do. 好き Click here to access yourself to our FACEBOOK page (click on the "LIKE" button): The PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy [PRINA]

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PRINA.Gals job experience with a Nail Supplier at the KL Nail Show!

all photos taken from eugenia's facebook album

Students' on-job-experience in Malaysia at The Nail Depot Booth.. The Nail Supplier had only praises for both of our PRINA gals who helped them at their booth, they said that they were very friendly & hard-working. They can now perform "live" demos to any customers that walks-in to the booth.. Yipee! An ultra confidence-booster for both Eugenia Nia & Lici Yang! ^.~

Lici Yang Comments from fb: omg..so malu! hahaha! but it was a nice experience to work with them. boost our confidence and also improved our skills, and also able to see all kind of ppl and nails. haha. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Inspiration for aspiring NAILS entrepreneurs

Welcome to my shop in a shop MY PAPER - Mon, Jun 21, 2010 
I've been wanting to post about this since I saw it on the MY PAPER in June...hehe..
our PRINA-Gal - Sylvia Tan (SIN09-xx3C) had been featured on our local newspaper about her business venture into nails. But I had been so caught up by a whirl-wind of stuff that I forgot to post... Until she tweeted me a congratulation message on my Successful Entrepreneur Award 2010.
Yeap... I got an award and itz cool that I am congratulated on it... but it is all the more meaningful that the well-wisher is from another successful PRINA-Gal. I wanted to blog about the article as it reflects many of my other students experiences too. I hope to encourage each and everyone of you that it is possible to fulfill your dreams! Like I always share in classes, it is not necessary to rent a full shop as a salon on your first attempt; you can slowly work your way up from doing freelance or home-service or renting a space within another shop..
I know fully that the road taken by her was not easy, especially doing something that is totally outside the "normal" career-path. I understand the many doubts that would always arises during down-times, the courage needed to keep on going. I truly hoped that when looking back now, everything would be worth it for you.
I would also like to say the same for all you aspiring NAILS entrepreneurs! It is not an easy path if you decided to troth it, but it totally beats wondering the many "what ifs" for the rest of your life.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cute little puppies looking for nice homes...haha!

*I don't understand why i am unable to post Extra-Large photos...*unhappy*..
Anway, please click on photos to view them in bigger format.
More photos...cute puppies this time. Presently out-station in Japan, so can only reply to all detailed enquiries after I return.. ごめんなさい... would try update as much as i can. enjoy!
Inspiration for the nail art was abit from these 2 cute white terriers...after some suggestions, i did some ammendments & made them pink..haha! ^.^ these cute puppies would cheer up your day! ..real ones that are so happy & hopping about, makes my day...
photo taken from: http://mystuffspace.com/graphics/graphic/adorable-puppies
*I don't understand why i am unable to post Extra-Large photos...*unhappy*..
Anyway, please click on photos to view them in bigger format.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet Sweet Cupcakes...again!

Was requested to post these nail art I did before onto the blog. so here they are..enjoy! Do you gals wana learn how to make these kawaii nails? replies welcome.... ^.^

Monday, September 6, 2010

PRINA Alumni Nail Classes

Preparations for the prina.alumni nail classes for the month of Sept & Oct & Nov is now under-way. I managed to get a few nail-product brands involved as sponsors for the classes! This would greatly cut down the cost needed for running the classes, thus students would be able to attend the class at a much cheaper cost... yeah!! \(^.^)/ I am still in the midst of negotiating a good deal for us. Hopefully would be able to give good news before I fly to Japan.

At the moment, I've posted more nail art photos to show what type of nail art designs would be taught during the up-coming prina.alumni nail classes.   
*Side note: Thank you for everyone's "oh so kawaii ah..." comments onto the FaceBook posting of Hello Kitty + My Melody. Once again, we can see the power of the "mouth less cat".
All these talk of Hello Kitty Nail Art reminds me of a dear student of mind.. The-free spirited- Clara..*click to see her early melody nailart..  Perhaps the craze with Hello Kitty/Melody began way before her, but hey...she's a PRINA-gal, so it's just her in my earliest memories lor..LOL...
She loves making Hello Kitties & Melody with acrylic powders. I still remembered the time she went up with me to KL for one of our Nail Shows, she was studying for her JNA with me at that time & we were worried she have not much time left before the JNA exams with me always traveling. So I took her with me for the trip, in the event that if she have any questions, I'll be around for her.. Thinking back, abit 委屈 for her to travel about with me like that.. haha.She was supposed to study at the PinkRoom Booth, once a while help out to do demo to practice her skills before the JNA exams... I figured it's good experience & exposure for her skills.
i managed to find a photo of her stressing out
with the Japanese JNA textbook! (@ lower right side)
That's me long-hair behind her.. haha.
and yes..that's joe doing demo at the booth.
I guess she got bored & needed to destressed..
so she started doing Hello-Kitty Deco for everyone's hand-phones...
I was quite bemused by her actions but needed to have a stern-face & reminded her to go back to her JNA study. Haha...It is good memories..

dear clara: "wondered if you still remembered or not?"...*tag u..lol

Personally, I think nail art of Miss H [Hello Kitty] + Miss M [My Melody] are totally over-done by so many people; so much so that it is totally not original or creative anymore! That is reason why i seldom do them..Haha. But I guess the reason so many of my students kept asking me to teach & want to learn how to make them is because Miss H + Miss M are really so cute...\(^.^)/  As for me, I'm just reproducing the characters & teaching students to recreate them oni..
We should all thank the person who created Miss Hello Kitty-Ms Yuko Shimizu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuko_Shimizu). Of coz must oso thank Sanrio for letting everyone copy their characters without paying lah...haha! Oppss... would we all get sued? I've credited Sanrio on my blog...dun sue me pleazzee...Super-LOL!!!