Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : I'm happy!

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I’m happy!August 5, 2010


Just received my acrylic certificate today! I’m so excited as had always wanted to learn acrylic and gel extension and that’s the motive of me applying for a diploma course to be a certified Nail Technician.
I’m very happy with my performance as well as I guess I had a better grasp of arylic than my fellow coursemates. Moreover, I want to perfect it! I want to go for higher level of standard.

Therefore, I guess I will specialise in doing acrylic and gel extension as a freelance Nail Technician(:
I’m contented. No matter how tired I am. Its worth working hard to earn that money for my expensive course fees(:

And I realised that the Expensive Course Fee is due to the fact that they have this Educator, Joe Chua.
He’s my Acrylic teacher as well!

Joe Chua (the guy on the right)
Senior Educator
EZFlow Nail System’s Master Artist Educator
Star Nail Certified Educator

Basically, He has a lot of certificates(;
But I would say He’s AWESOME! He really can teach very well…