Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check us out in next isse of CHIC Magazine.

So *luv* ~ our new advert layout in the next issue of CHIC magazine. Felt very inspired after seeing it! The pretty gal in the photo with me,she was one of our students - Ms Vivienne...looks so sweet in pink! LOL.. This ad is my hp wallpaper now..haha!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our PRINA New Location updates....

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Finally,I am able to blog on our new school address!!
う~ So sorry for the delay, I figured that if everything is not ready there is no point announcing... wanted to really settle down before posting to everyone. And it took so much longer to move & set-up everything. Didn't foresee so much trash..OMG...needed to get a warehouse to store the rest of our stuff & furniture for the moment... lol..
hank you all for such patience & understanding... ニコニコ
seiThe PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy would be open by 19th July 2010 for students or visitors. sei
Classes would start running from
26th July 2010.
For those that are still studying, you would be informed of your class commencement dates & details via telephone, the front desk would call to inform you.
You can also call up at the same number [+65-63481592/+65-62201592] to check on your individual class schedule dates.
Click Here for NEW operation & classroom hours:

Alternatively you can drop by the school any time after 19th July to "kay-po...kay-po". LOL.. Also look out for updates on our official website/Facebook/Blog.
Due to the Nail Show in Malaysia and renovation works still going on, there would be some days that the school would be close. Thus, do drop by only after the 19th July as we would officially be open all the way. Just want to make sure everything is not in a mess if any of you happen to come visit.吹き出しハート
I would also get the designer to come up with maps & directions later, so that you all wouldn't get lost..haha.. ラブ
We would have our official
OPENING PARTY in August 2010
Would keep everyone updated!
Our new location is at
クラッカーSMU~City Campus --- クラッカー

Official Address: 70 Stamford Road, #B1-21,SMU Campus, Li Ka Shing Library,
Singapore 178901.

It's reachable via 4 mrt : Bras Basah MRT : Dhoby Ghaut MRT : City Hall MRT : Bugis MRT. This is the MRT Exits map.

Look for ♥akn♥LI KA SHING LIBRARY♥akn♥... we are in that building...
Once inside the building...
We are above OCBC Bank...

Opposite NTUC Denticare/Medicare...
Next to WATSONS...

2 minutes walk from KOUFU...
All these facilities are around just 1-2 mins walk from us; Bank, Clinic, Food-Courtナイフとフォーク, etc.

If you exit from Bras Basah MRT, please take Exit C and go up the escalator... it'll only take you about 2-3mins walk. Ask anyone where is "Koufu" or "OCBC" or "Watsons"... you should not have problem finding us.

Sneak preview of our new counter... The place is much smaller than our previous one, but it is central and we'll be able to have a salon-area for you gals to practice your "student-skills" on your own assignment models. We also have two classrooms, one would have water in it, so no more ♥akn♥take water from toilet♥akn♥ during pedicure classes. ちょこYeah!!

I hope everyone of you would like would need some time getting use to a new place, some might find it troublesome while others find it convenient... Rental is crazy these days with the 2 Casinos up & running... So finding a place near mrt & central & enough classroom space & affordable was tough...
crazy crazy rental...haha! ラブラブ
If there is not enough space, SMU had already offered us the empty units around us. Actually, there is like limited empty slots & SMU are choosy about who rents their units... So we are lucky that they offered!! ...Alternatively, we'll take up another location outside town area, but very near MRT oso...

Finally, you can drop me an email if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can become a better place of study for you!!ネイル

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