Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of Ice-Kachangs & Pointed Nails.. Haha ^>^

Juz a little update on the missing blogs period... more details later.
Was in Korea last 2 weeks; Managed some time trying to travel about in pointed nails... wanna see if I can carry about more than 2 luggage all over the place with these nails...

Oso the "ice-kachangs" in Korea's "spring time" ... HaHa.. it was supposed to be warmer in most countries as spring approaches, but woe & behold...

Korea is as usual so cold... it snowed quite a bit when I was there. The falling snow created such a romantic and beautiful scenery; that is until you look downwards on the ground, where it is all wet muddy & messy footprints, etc...

I, for one was of coz delighted & happy about the snow, being someone from a forever "summer" place; Check out my "Ice-Kachang"...haha.. While most Koreans are unhappy about it, as it caused many inconveniences for everyone..haha.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea Party...

Cupcakes and inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, especially the Hatter's Tea Party.
Go catch the movie if you've not already.Extracted from Chelsea's blog again coz I'm so swamped with work to blog..anyway,her new Sony Camera is more "intelligent" than mine..haha.
Did a super kawaii design to match her new LGLollipop phone.
The entire design was done onto her real nails. Her previous "valentine's days" nails was soak-off and cleansed. You can see her growth area, this AnGel-Pro is super effective to help one grow longer nails...I think it's bcoz it's not as hard as acrylic, thus gals tend to "dun-mind-it-on-the-nails"...

The base of the nails are created using
AnGel-Pro's BABYDOLL RAINBOW series:RBB02(Pink) & White(Starter Kit).
Wanted to use RBB01(Light Pink), but the color does not contrast with the white, so end up using RBB02.
The 3D kawaii nail art is done using the latest ANGEL PRO Acrylic Powder
coz the colors are very cute & sweet.

Sunday, March 14
130310 - The Sun provided such good lighting thus I took the chance to take a few pics of my pretty nails =)

120310 - I was at PinkRoom to soak off my CNY nails after 5 weeks~~ Done with Angel Pro Soak Off Gel~~

Feels funny because I haven't seen my nails for some time. Hehehe. And it's so long now!!

We started at 3+pm. Soak off. Clean the cuticles. Started doing the nails. Dilly dally here and there.

Rachel did this set of ultra super duper kawaii yummylicious suppy cake nailart on my natural nails~!

OMG. I'm going to flood this post with pictures because I'm so in love with it!!

Love the thumb.

Doing nails with Rachel is so fun... cause we kept talking about nonsensical stuff. And about the Jack Neo scandal. Wahahaha. And she wants to buy the Lollipop phone, after seeing how cute it is. =)

And guess what time we ended..... close to midnight. Oh. I just checked the time. And it's passed midnight!!

We packed up, and went for supper at River Valley. We wanted to share the fish and chips, and the banana ice cream tissue prata. But we forgo the prata as we were too full after the fish and chips.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Production Process of my Latest Nail Art Book... continual blog

Continual of previous blog on the production process for Volume 7 Nail Art Book. As you can see, the model has such nice long fingers right? This photo was taken in the taxi and she is posing so naturally...Inside the studio, with the lighting and get much more complicated. As we need to see all the "fishes" on the nails, getting the correct angle becomes much more challenging... add that to the fact that the photographer speaks only Korean... faint!
My poor model had to try so many various poses...can't tell from the final photo rite?
My poor model had to try so many various poses...can't tell from the final photo rite?
Besides the book, we held many photo gallery exhibition too. This one below was a Charity Exhibition that we did for World Vision in Sept 2009. The tables & chairs in front of the gallery of photos are for the nailist that volunteered to provide nail service for the public at a discounted price. All money collected for the service was donated to World Vision Korea for a "Deep Well" donation.

About the "Deep Well" - A deep well fitted with a hand pump can provide up to 2,800 gallons of safe water a day to benefit as many as 300 people! In many communities, clean water lies hundreds of feet below layers of hard rock. Children have no choice but to walk long distances to find water that is often dirty and disease-ridden. When our drilling teams strike water, entire villages erupt in celebration because a clean water source can cut a community’s child mortality rate by as much as half.
(*taken from World Vision website:

Read my previous post on this:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Production Process of my Latest Nail Art Book

Was writing an editorial on the production process of my latest Nail Art Book: BongSoonga Sontop Volume 7. Juz thot that since I'm compiling all the materials for this article, I might as well use the same stuff for my Blog entry..haha..kill 2 birds with one tiny stone.. :pBack to the Production Process - ^.~
This volume 7 was unfortunately produced during the cold winter February month in Seoul, Korea. Thus, I really hated it coz it's so so so cold... i mean like for penguins type of cold, it was like about -10°C! But duh....come to think of it, Korea is always been cold; except for about 2 months in a year when the temperature goes above 20°C, the rest of the months are below 20°C. So their temperature for the year is = cold, very cold & freezing cold...haha!
Check out the cute footprints we made...Back to the Production Process - ^.~ My messy work-space. I like to have everything laid out onto the table while I work, especially liked to keep all the color powders opened to cut wastage of time opening & closing the bottles... next to the table is a huge electric heater, it'z that cold..
Also, for this design, I wanted to do realistic fishes instead of "cartoon" ones..thus I made use of books & photos to give me a better reference for the sea creatures. Do they look real enuf?Below was my attempt to photograph a step-by-step process of the acrylic sculpture extensions. Glitter pink at the cuticles, followed by pastel matte pink; the extension sections are a mixture of blues & greens & whites... aka like the sea.
oh yar..I also added green & blue glitters to "beef" up the glam for the photographs.As you can see the step-by-step stopped at step 5...haha! coz the photo shoot was scheduled at 6pm & I only have less than 1 hour to finish all the nails before rushing to the studio.
Rushing to the studio in a cab, the model can only wear half of her winter jacket; coz the other sleeve cannot make it through due to the complicated nails... poor gal, she was so cold! I was also quite worried that the "fishes" would break from frequent e-brakes by the usual, traffic jams are normal in seoul..we took about 45 mins to reach the be continued...
*coz I'm hungry for dinner oredi...haha! cheerios!