Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy White Day Preparations Everywhere...

PinkRoom Nail Academy resumes this week after a long break for everyone. Hope all is rested to welcome the New Lunar Year ahead.

Although this year's CNY falls on the same day as Valentine's day, we can all look forward to celebrate the "White Day" on 14th March(exactly one month after Valentines)... this day is a big thing here, much like Valentine's Day.

In Japan, Valentine's Day is observed by gals who present chocolate gifts to a male, to show their love. The handmade chocolate is usually more liked as it is a sign that the guy is the girl's "only one".

On White Day, the opposite happens: males who received a chocolate-gift on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts, usually more expensive.

As I'm presently in Japan, everywhere I go now.. I can see large displays featuring chocolate usually with heart-shaped displays appearing on the floors of department stores...

Either itz due to the stores eager & zeal for these promotions to boost their potential sales increase; or the stores are just simply trying to provide reminders to "forgetful" men on the approach of this day, so that even the most forgetful man cannot say that it slipped his mind...haha..

Here's wishing all a Happy Valentine Day..every single day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kawaii 可愛いNails

More 可愛いnails...

A. is juz gel[ANGEL-PRO SOAKOFF GEL] overlay on natural nails -this technique allows for her very short natural nails to have the strength to grow to its present length. You can see her real nails underneath.
B. is acyclic color gradient extension with stones & 3d ribbon art - this extended the natural short nails to a longer length and added embellishments onto the surface to create the bling-bling effect.

I realised that mixing purple with pink and glitter, is the surest way to create 可愛いlook for your nail art. You gals should try it!

In Japan, everything is 可愛い、可愛い、可愛い、everyday i hear this word repeated over & over again... so I am very kawaii influenced now. It's a good thing though...I realised that it sort of enable my logic mind to accept "illogical" cuteness..haha!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Sweet Honey Course

Extracted from Chelsea's Blog, she came down for another of our nail experiment sessions...haha. Did not have time to complete her sis's nails, so only did the base... oredi have some idea on wat to put on-top her sis's different colored gradient base though...juz got no time... ;-(
The cute tip of the ginger-bread man, ice-creams,etc. are some stuff taught in our latest 
"sweet sweet honey course"...
enquiries welcome! \(^.^)/

Wednesday, February 10
080210 - Drove down to Pink Room w Cheryl in the evening. Soaked off my polka dots nails. The nails are still in good condition. Did it about 3 weeks ago. Only problem was that my nails grew out. Exposing my nail bed =( Could have done infill. But we decided to remove it and do a new design for CNY =D

And tadah!!! My thumb...!! There's a gingerbread man, cookies, ice cream......

We were looking for a nice backgrd and I insisted on using the LG Lollipop brochure. Hehe. Rachel and Cheryl couldn't stand me. They kept insisting that the phone is no good, cause there's no functions. And cause it's a lousy phone, they need to have pretty colourful brochures to attract pple.

Anyway, back to topic, that's not my thumb nail. It's on a nail tip. And I fixed it on just for photo taking purposes. My nails are resting now. Cause we were hungry and decided to go for dinner/supper instead.

Cheryl's nails.. which are not ready. That's only the base.

Cheryl curing her nails with the UV lamp.

We had Crystal Jade at Holland Village. Together with Rachel, Nicole and Joe...


CalGel Course: JAN 2010

Photos from last CalGel Class students... I had a fun time teaching you all! \(^.^)/
Hope everyone had a fulfilling & enjoyable time learning the gel techniques that I've taught too! Do come back for your practice to refine what you've learnt... Gambade!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just another day @ PinkRoom

Another day at our academy, student juz finished her self-practice with her fren as a model... Cute pink polish onto heart-shaped stickers. An early Chinese New Year gift for her fren...she liked it alot! ^.^ happy day! ~