Wednesday, December 1, 2010

About PRINAclub

Q: What is PRINAclub ??
A: P
inkRoomInternationalNailAcademy [P.R.I.N.A] Club.

Basically at PRINAclub:
*We welcome everyone to participate in any of its activities. Especially students who had already completed their foundation Professional Certificate Courses or Diploma Courses, no matter how long ago you had completed your course, you are still welcome.
*There is no end-date on your relationship with the school or the sweet class-memories. Every PRINA-gals are encouraged to join in any of our activities as the PRINAclub is created specially for each & everyone of you.
*We also welcome anyone interested in nails, nail-arts and improving their skills & techniques. A passionate learning heart is always welcomed!
*The activities you can expect would include Creative Nail Art Classes, Product Seminars, Competition Classes, Special-Topics Classes, etc.
*We welcome suggestions on the types of nail-art topics you would like to learn. Please forward your email suggestions to:

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