Monday, October 11, 2010

A Student's Study-Log @PinkRoom : Lesson @ Pink Room

These few personal blog posting of our student on her study-log at PinkRoom, is towards the end of her Diploma Course with us.. 

Talks about her future plans & also the last few free-topics that'll prepare her for the "world-out-there"...Talks about her future plans & also the last few free-topics that'll prepare her for the "world-out-there"...

I thought her blog post about her experiences at PinkRoom Nail Academy to contain no fake nice words; i found it very personal & real... with her ups & downs... 
I hope to have you all see PinkRoom truthfully through the eyes of our students instead.
I stumbled upon her blog-posts just last month & had a good time laughing & reading her be-lated posts. I am sure you'll also have an interesting time reading.For me, it's comments & posts like these that makes every heartaches & hardships of educating raw-zero knowledge gals to become professional nailist, just the bit-bit more worth it... ENJOY!!

 Cheerios~ Ms Rachel.T 

taken from PRINA.nailist Mayuko May Tay's Blog on her study experience @PinkRoom:

Lesson @ Pink Room
11 October, 2010

I'll went insane one for goddess sake! Hence after I massage my partner, I got her to do her practice on another classmate of ours *hehe* that's so smart of me ya ^^

Attended massage lesson with my new batch of classmates last Friday in school and it was quite fun. I always thought that my 1st batch of classmates are the most 'happening' one but didn't expect this class to be much much much worse till Joe (my extension mentor) can't stand their noise and got to close the door of his class next to our classroom every time when he has class going on. LOL 
Anyway here are some random picture of us doing foot massage in class :

*p.s I manage to escape from the foot massage as I really can't endure such ticklish feeling!

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