Monday, September 6, 2010

PRINA Alumni Nail Classes

Preparations for the prina.alumni nail classes for the month of Sept & Oct & Nov is now under-way. I managed to get a few nail-product brands involved as sponsors for the classes! This would greatly cut down the cost needed for running the classes, thus students would be able to attend the class at a much cheaper cost... yeah!! \(^.^)/ I am still in the midst of negotiating a good deal for us. Hopefully would be able to give good news before I fly to Japan.

At the moment, I've posted more nail art photos to show what type of nail art designs would be taught during the up-coming prina.alumni nail classes.   
*Side note: Thank you for everyone's "oh so kawaii ah..." comments onto the FaceBook posting of Hello Kitty + My Melody. Once again, we can see the power of the "mouth less cat".
All these talk of Hello Kitty Nail Art reminds me of a dear student of mind.. The-free spirited- Clara..*click to see her early melody nailart..  Perhaps the craze with Hello Kitty/Melody began way before her, but hey...she's a PRINA-gal, so it's just her in my earliest memories lor..LOL...
She loves making Hello Kitties & Melody with acrylic powders. I still remembered the time she went up with me to KL for one of our Nail Shows, she was studying for her JNA with me at that time & we were worried she have not much time left before the JNA exams with me always traveling. So I took her with me for the trip, in the event that if she have any questions, I'll be around for her.. Thinking back, abit 委屈 for her to travel about with me like that.. haha.She was supposed to study at the PinkRoom Booth, once a while help out to do demo to practice her skills before the JNA exams... I figured it's good experience & exposure for her skills.
i managed to find a photo of her stressing out
with the Japanese JNA textbook! (@ lower right side)
That's me long-hair behind her.. haha.
and yes..that's joe doing demo at the booth.
I guess she got bored & needed to destressed..
so she started doing Hello-Kitty Deco for everyone's hand-phones...
I was quite bemused by her actions but needed to have a stern-face & reminded her to go back to her JNA study. Haha...It is good memories..

dear clara: "wondered if you still remembered or not?"...*tag

Personally, I think nail art of Miss H [Hello Kitty] + Miss M [My Melody] are totally over-done by so many people; so much so that it is totally not original or creative anymore! That is reason why i seldom do them..Haha. But I guess the reason so many of my students kept asking me to teach & want to learn how to make them is because Miss H + Miss M are really so cute...\(^.^)/  As for me, I'm just reproducing the characters & teaching students to recreate them oni..
We should all thank the person who created Miss Hello Kitty-Ms Yuko Shimizu ( Of coz must oso thank Sanrio for letting everyone copy their characters without paying lah...haha! Oppss... would we all get sued? I've credited Sanrio on my blog...dun sue me pleazzee...Super-LOL!!!

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