Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kawaii Doggies with Gel-TopCoats

Oki gals.. you can see the big difference between applying a layer of gel-topcoat & without. The thing with getting the best lasting effects from applying gel-topcoats is choosing the correct brand so that your nailart doesn't end up turning yellow after some time.. or even worst, cracked!!
OMG... I had so many bad experiences with some brands, makes me want to cry after seeing the ruins on the nail art designs, coz all nail arts done are precious efforts.. imagine seeing their "faces" crack is quite traumatic... ( *haha.. ok lah..i drama-queen! )

Btw I'm using ANGEL-PRO's SHINING TOP GEL for these two cuties-canines..*product sponsored hehe..but so far so good; no cracks or color smudges on any of my nail art!.

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