Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updates on PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes

Kawaii Doggies NailArt in Tokyo! Some doggy nailart upgrades I did in my hotel while escaping the terrible sun in tokyo last week. The heat is really terrible(x10000).. Anyway, the doggy had more details than the last & she's wearing a polka-dot pink t-shirt this time round.. dear Kapuchiinousa  (カプチーノうさ) is posing next to it as usual...Wahaha! ^.^

Updates on the PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes: 
The KL Nail Show is finally over, we should be hearing from the nail product suppliers this week. Thus, all information on the cost of the classes to be posted by beginning next week.
Special concessions for PRINA students. 
I plan to have the first PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Class would start running in Oct 2001.
A summary of what you can expect from the PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes:  
1. All Classes would be conducted primary by Miss Rachel.T.
We would also be honored to have our PRINA Grand Master Educator Joe Chua for some of the classes.
Guest-Trainers from different parts of the world would be invited to "guest-teach" once a while too. Local Nailist would also be invited to do guest-appearance or demos in the plan to support & promote local nail talents.

2. The PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes would be held once a month, maximum twice a month.

3. Topics includes all types of Nail Arts like - Acrylic Embossed 3D, Kawaii Characters nailart, Folkart/tole painting, Design Sculpture, Airbrush Designs, Color-Gel nailart, Mixed Media nailart designs, etc. just to state a few topics.

4. The main topic to be taught for each class would be posted in advance on our official internet media. *Topics taught would not be repeated for the next 6-8 classes, thus you would need to wait for the next round if you had unfortunately missed the topics you liked.

5. Each PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Class would include demonstration of the advance techniques by the Master Trainer. It would also include hands-on sessions where each participants can work on the designs taught alongside the corrections given by the Master Trainer.

6. Only the nail products brand endorsed by our sponsor nail supplier would be allowed to be used during each class. [Full product list to be posted once we get it from the sponsors. Tentatively safe to say that Charisma would be one of the brands they agreed to allow..hehe]
*Imitation versions of the brands are not allowed; mainly because all imitations contains toxic cancer-causing chemicals and I dun want to have cancer..haha!

7. All available  seats are based on a first-come basis registration. Class size would be limited to the venue we are conducting the teaching.
Keep yourself posted here for the latest updates. If you do would like more conveniences in getting updates, adding yourself to our FACE BOOK account would do. 好き Click here to access yourself to our FACEBOOK page (click on the "LIKE" button): The PinkRoom Int'l Nail Academy [PRINA]

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