Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Inspiration for aspiring NAILS entrepreneurs

Welcome to my shop in a shop MY PAPER - Mon, Jun 21, 2010 
I've been wanting to post about this since I saw it on the MY PAPER in June...hehe..
our PRINA-Gal - Sylvia Tan (SIN09-xx3C) had been featured on our local newspaper about her business venture into nails. But I had been so caught up by a whirl-wind of stuff that I forgot to post... Until she tweeted me a congratulation message on my Successful Entrepreneur Award 2010.
Yeap... I got an award and itz cool that I am congratulated on it... but it is all the more meaningful that the well-wisher is from another successful PRINA-Gal. I wanted to blog about the article as it reflects many of my other students experiences too. I hope to encourage each and everyone of you that it is possible to fulfill your dreams! Like I always share in classes, it is not necessary to rent a full shop as a salon on your first attempt; you can slowly work your way up from doing freelance or home-service or renting a space within another shop..
I know fully that the road taken by her was not easy, especially doing something that is totally outside the "normal" career-path. I understand the many doubts that would always arises during down-times, the courage needed to keep on going. I truly hoped that when looking back now, everything would be worth it for you.
I would also like to say the same for all you aspiring NAILS entrepreneurs! It is not an easy path if you decided to troth it, but it totally beats wondering the many "what ifs" for the rest of your life.

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