Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello Kitty(ハローキティ)+My Melody(マイメロディ)

 Done on 2 thumb-nails. By the way, ハローキティ & マイメロディare not frens, they don't even know each other as they are from different anime series lor. They just "work" for the same Sanrio Company... Just in case you are interested..Wahaha...!
There had always been a constant nagging from everyone to get me to teach cutie nail-art from Sanrio on a more regular basis...usually, I would teach our own PINKROOM staff and during school nailart seminars these kawaii nailart ケアベア ピンク Good news for you all...すまいるBad news for Joe (...he considers cute nail art "er-xin"...)
I had finally succumb to the array of nags & begs & what-nots.. to teach kawaii nail art more often!
I'll be doing these alumni nail seminars-classes for the month of Sept & Oct & Nov.
The nail art topic scheduled for these few months would be "kawaii-series" type of nail art. You would learn the techniques required to create the "pong-pong" ultra-3D-rounded-look for all the cute sanrio characters or kawaii art. There would also be other cutie-nail art besides sanrio characters.

I hope to equip everyone of you with enough cutie-nail art for the up-coming festive seasons. Hopefully you can all "HUAT!HUAT!" for your nail-biz in the coming holiday season months. 
I'll post details of the [PinkRoom.Alumni.Nail.Classes] in my next post on Monday.


Anonymous said...

super kawaii!! i love your kitty & melody.. teach me pls.

mandy said...

your kitty looks like the real thing cute kitty! i've seen too many versions that is so funny looking & so not cute. you are so skillful!

tan said... happy i am in pinkroom! mean i can learn melody. so cute....