Friday, September 24, 2010

More Kawaii Doggy Nails

More kawaii doggy nailart. I had not put top-coats on them yet... I think the effect would be cuter after the gel-top coats. Would post the after top-coat versions so you gals can make a comparison.
As you can see, it had been really hot last week and I was trying to hide from the sun again at Matsuzakaya Department Store. Can you see poor Kapuchiinousa (カプチーノうさ) next to the huge Pink Sakura Panda? haha..

The huge SAKURA PANDA in front of Matsuzakaya Department store is an advertising character of Matsuzakaya department store. Last year 2009, the huge sakura panda was sitting down.

xoxo,RachelT~ in Tokyo!

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