Saturday, September 25, 2010

AngelPro SOAK-OFF GELS..stays & stays....

OMG.. was going through my face-book and stumbled upon this photo tag. It was an experiment that I was trying on Chelxi's natural nails. At that time, many students had problems with the AngelPro's soak-off gel staying on their nails, i was trying to trouble-shoot the problem.
After consultation with the manufacture, I got the students to do full 1 minute cure for their first layer gel application. I found out that everyone was freeze-curing for only 10-15 seconds, thus the lifting problem. Actually, this freeze cure is common practice with traditional non-soak off gels, but the same should not be used for an organic soak-off gel.. 
Anyway, I did the marble-design with full cure of 1-2minutes for the 1st layer..and woa-lah! Super lasting soak-off-color gels onto natural nails! There is no lifting on the edges around the soak-off gel too! I was impressed! But we were also quite grossed out too lah...coz the gels are super ugly with so much of the real nails showing underneath. Anyway, we soaked them off in less than 20 minutes in pure acetone. Cool!
these are her  nails after soaking off the color gels. no damage to the real natural nails, although it looks abit dry without any cuticle oil.

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