Monday, July 5, 2010

PRINA Mega-Move Updates

I really hope that we would never ever have to move again... えー it is really draining on the soul..(drama-queen hor?)... anyway, thot i update our sweat and hard-work to share with you all..LOL..

For all those that do not know what I am talking about, our school is required to vacate the
building by June 2010. Coz SLA(S'pore Land Authority) wanted to "emblock" the building... Read here to get updated:

スマイルAs mentioned, the school is still in the process of getting everything set-up and running. Most stuff are still in their boxes... I mean there are so so so many boxes!!

These are the junk that we are supposed to dispose of after we moved out.. carpets have to be torn up, lights removed, etc. etc... Many things are"invisible" until you pile them together..LOL.. 
It's kindda sad to leave this building, coz we'd been there for nearly eight years... I took some photos during the tear-down reinstate process... so many sweet memories for everyone! Some before after photos...haha! 

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