Monday, June 14, 2010


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I was so so sick for the whole of last 2 weeks; the fever liked me so much that it didn't wanna leave..LOL. Now that the fever's left to pester another poor victim, I am left with an infected throat & constant coughing..haha!

I'm gona blog about our PinkRoom's MEGA-BIG-MOVE...

I know every single student is very concerned about where we are finally going to "land"... our lease for this building would expire this month... Yeap! it's expiring end of June 2010 and I have yet to decide where to sink our roots again...

I know i know... everyone is freaking out, winnie(front desk) was kinda being asked where we are gonna moved like 10 times a day! LOL... some students imagination started to go wild and was even suspicious if we are gonna do a " Wax in the City" stint on them... bottom-line is everyone's "very concerned"(under-statement of the year..haha) ... it seemed like everyone but me..

Truth is, this is PinkRoom's first Major Move in like wat... seven? eight years?! come to think of it, we had been training "fresh-faced-ladies-without-any-nails-knowledge" to become experiences nailist for the past eight years... I had been in this building for so many years, it's a strange feeling to leave.

I am looking to be totally satisfied with our new Academy's location before moving in, i really do not want to move and move... you'll understand if you've seen the amount of things we have in our present academy! LOL...

I would be announcing the FINAL FINAL new location by next week. I would post it on the website, blog-site, msn, facebook, etc. etc.. you would not miss it!! haha..

Just rest assured that our new location would be just minutes walk away from a mrt station. Our school would be moving on the 27th June 2010 and would most probably be closed for about a week or two for moving-in & setting-up. So you can all come to check out your new school, self-study, "kay-po kay-po", etc. by early July 2010!! LOL...

For those that had not completed your course term, please check the school's regular Course Schedule on your class starting dates. You gals can call or drop by to enquire about your course schedule, just remember your student id and course modules you last attended.

We would be having some sort of opening ceremony hopefully in August 2010, as there is a Nail Show in mid-July 2010. All you gals would be invited then yar... \(^.~)/

So stay posted for our OFFICIAL NEW LOCATION on our official website, official blog, msn, FaceBook, etc! I would be "FaceBook" blasting you gals if you are on our FaceBook list... If you are not yet on our FaceBook, you can list yourself at:!/tang.rach
(or you can search for RACHEL TANG; see my big big face and add yourself as my dear friend..LOL)

Alternatively, you can email me your info to add you into Facebook instead.
Email me at:

That's all I can managed for now... throat pain like hell. I'm totally looking forward to this move to be over! haha.. You'll be so excited once everything is revealed after we've settled down in our new place... I am so looking forward to this brand new chapter of PinkRoom!!

It is the beginning of an exciting year...

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