Monday, May 10, 2010

Singapore Merlion Nailart

ラブラブ It is always an enjoyable experience promoting our little Singapore to other countries. This time, we had a group of Japanese Nailist from Tokyo for a 1-day course at our Academy. It was so fun!! We had a mini-competition where everyone gets to cast their votes for their favourite nail art work & the best techniques work. The winners receives nail products!!
The Advance Nail Extension Demo by Joe Chua was done on a male nailist. There was quite a number of guys attending this class, itz a common trend in Japan for guys to be doing nails.あせる

I think the most fun part of this class was that our local nailist & Japanese nailist had time to bond & learn about each others cultures during our local food buffet session.. haha! Everyone got to learn abit of Chinese & Japanese greetings.. more of these sessions in the future! Would update on our site & you gals see if you can join us! It'll be totally laughing fun!!合格

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