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A Student's Nail Journey... ^.^

I often receive emails from students when they are down or when they are tired of doing nails, etc. Recently, another student is going through a patch of dry-land & is in need of encouragement.. 

Thus, I decided to upload this post in hope to encourage & inspire every single student or nailist on this same process.
Be it you are just starting or had been doing it for quite a while.. It might feel like such an uphill task and every time you feel like give up, juz know that this is the "normal" process that everyone walk through...importantly, know that you are not walking this road alone, the entire PinkRoom team is here with you... 
I am just a phone call or email or FB away. At any point you need encouragement or personal guidance, just drop me a mail at:


TAKEN FROM PRINA.NAILIST LIM JUNYING(SIN08-XX3F) BLOG ON HER PERSONAL NAIL JOURNEY. SHE IS NOW AN ACCOMPLISHED FREELANCE NAILIST & MODEL..DO GIVE HER SOME SUPPORT! it is not an easy path, but hanging on is the most basic thing you need to do in your pursued of your dreams! Remember... you are not alone in your path. 
in case you wonder who's she, it's this sweet & pretty gal.

My Nail Journey~

I was feeling that my blog is becoming a picture-ry blog that consists of my daily lifestyles etc..

and everytime i meet new customers, i get same questions;

"How long have you been doing nails?"

"Which schoold did you go? How much?"

"Your nail art is so nice! your art must be very good!"

I start to think back exactly why did I learn nails at the first place (:

I graduated from ngee ann poly in may 2008.
i was offered a full time job by my attachment company, i was there for one month only =x
one random day when i was working at my cramp office, i thought,

"so this is it? my life is jus gonna settle down like that, a full time job, fix salary, dragging myself to work every morning and getting to bed at 10+pm cos i was so tired from the day's work?"

i need a new hobby other than dancing, i need something to motivate myself to work, something to look forward to (:
but what is it?

i always fancy nail designs and my sister n i always love to decorate our nails,
and i LOVE buying fake nails n paste it myself IMAGINATING i have pretty long nails (:

thus i went nail school shopping and discuss with my auntie which is best for me..
in the end i chose Pink Room Academy (:

i had some financial problems and im glad my aunt agreed to loan me the school fees (:

there goes, i started my first nail lesson at Pink Room on 7 July 2008 ~
(i was able to dig out old photos!)

my work station (:
so professional right? it still looks like that now!

this is what i was required to polish on my classmate during one of our manicure lessons!
at that time i feel that french manicure was a disaster!
seriously i hate painting french, i whine bcos i couldn't do a good job~
i even had this evil thought that if i ever have my own business, i won't offer french painting services! hurhur......

this is both my index finger,
see the right finger - before cleaning of cuticles
left finger - after cleaning and cutting~

pushing and cleaning cuticles can make your nails look clean (:

i was the "Cuticle Queen" in class =x
i had nail assignments to do and i did french manicure for my aunt's colleague (:
i was improving slowly~ see the french i painted? nicee......

messy table! i was rushing my manicure homework!!
final product! (:
it was really satisfying and im so proud of myself!
my nail art homework (:
different nail art got animal print, hearts, glitter, checkered etc ~
i was viewing my archieves and i blogged about this before:

I see the nails at Nail Max is very-sleeky-omg-holy-bloody exaggerating NICE NICE NICE!

It makes me excited looking at them
It makes me anxious looking at them
It makes my troubles go away
It makes me go “awww”
It makes My mind go HIGH HIGH HIGH

I jus finish my basic, I jus wan to learn acrylic soon so that I can start trying out pretty nail art!

Im spending a lot of money on nail tools, accessories etc..
I bought 1 set of 13 colours nail art pen for $120, after discount $84.. pure acetone $30, fake nail tips $15.90 and TODAY I bought pearls, crystals, beads $67 gone..

I even need to go to popular and buy file to put my nail tips.. lol.. daiso still the best!

This month im broke to the max… =(

I’ve reach the point of my life where I mus make huge decisions myself, not like a daddy’s girl anymore where he has everything taken care of for me..
Im sure that I will be going back to school as I promise my mum, I now hav great interest in doing nails therefore I hope I can venture into what I like to do in future..

time pass really fast and im starting to miss the nail classes that i had~
fate let me went into my own home-base nail business,
at first i was a slacker, i didn't work hard, barely enough to make ends meet.
until i feel that i really need to excel something in my life,
i need to work hard for it,
success doesn't jus come knocking at your door.
i jus have to work hard~
and i did (:
Pink Room Cup 2009~
i won Gel French Tip Overlay category (:

receiving my certificates~

my first trophy!
my principal told me it is jus so motivating once you achieve something, you will like to work hard to earn more and more~
initially i was reluctant to join gel category as im stronger in acrylic,
Rachel told me "if you dont like it, jus face it"

my set of winning nails, thanks for my model, Ginnie (:

people ask if my art is good in school?
no, i didnt take art and i didnt like it.
My nail school taught me ALOT, really alot~
Their foundations they taught me is very useful! Even till now, I'm still applying what they teach in my job.
I specialise in nail extensions and Pink Room make me learn the structure of the nails correctly~
I have lovely teachers that taught me my lifetime skills.
I'll never forget what they taught me, our small talks, laughters in class~ (kinda miss it alreadyy^)
I can't believe I'm actually doing what I prayed for almost 2 years ago, been a nail artist for 1 year+ now and I never once regretted or whine at my job.
Its stable now and I believe I will start to strive for better skills, work hard for my next phase of life.
I've never really achieve anything or excel in my studies, I would like to make nails my lifetime achievement (:
i hope my little blog post can lit that little passion to girls out there who are learning nails right now (:
there i've blog about my nail journey (: been wanting to do it but i dont have time.. lol!

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