Friday, April 2, 2010

French Sculpture StepBySteps \(^.^)/


A student commented that my previous step-by-step was fun! Thus found some old step-by-steps photos that was created for all the magazine spreads throughout the years to post for fun...
since no magazines wanna do the same thing twice.

Would give newbies a rough idea how these nails are created. If you think this is for you, you're welcome to join in the fun with us too! We have Open House Seminars regularly, it's free... Juz check out the dates available from our official website:

For PinkRoomGals, I know you've seen these a million times... but seriously you should all know by now,that watching us doing nail demos a zillion times would never ensure that you can automatically create the same nails. Not without practise, practise & more practise... correction,correction & more correction by your dear Joe Chua...haha.

Juz know tht everyone of you can come back anytime for your self-practise & revision correction! Even if you've lost touch or maxed out your self-practise card! Even if your student ID starts from SIN03-xxx...Haha.. we are "right here waiting for ya"!

Juz drop me a mail if you specifically wanna me be around.
Gambade everyone!!
Your favourite StepByStep
...haha..seen until wana vomit & fant demo...
[taught in Diploma Course & Acrylic Extension Certificate Course: includes theory, practical, unlimited self-practicals, study product kit, course notes,etc.] \(^.^)/
[salon style..note the difference from aboved pix] [acrylic nails completed using NailDeDance from Japan]

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