Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gel NailArt... Punk Lace Designs

More Gel NailArt... マイメロnot the cutesy type, but rocker-punk type using black & silver glitter gel.
As usual, the nails are extended using AngelPro's clear gel.. coz it'z hard enuf. As for the color-gel for the lace art, you can use any other brands... I think the black & white color gels are AngelPro, the silver glitter was created using silver glitters from a craft-shop. Then top with the clear gel again... Super Shine Look rite?リラックマ
音譜If I have time, I should do step-by-step again on this design..haha. prinaQ~note comment:1st nail is abit "fat", require more filing... but design is かわいい... akn

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