Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea Party...

Cupcakes and inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, especially the Hatter's Tea Party.
Go catch the movie if you've not already.Extracted from Chelsea's blog again coz I'm so swamped with work to blog..anyway,her new Sony Camera is more "intelligent" than mine..haha.
Did a super kawaii design to match her new LGLollipop phone.
The entire design was done onto her real nails. Her previous "valentine's days" nails was soak-off and cleansed. You can see her growth area, this AnGel-Pro is super effective to help one grow longer nails...I think it's bcoz it's not as hard as acrylic, thus gals tend to "dun-mind-it-on-the-nails"...

The base of the nails are created using
AnGel-Pro's BABYDOLL RAINBOW series:RBB02(Pink) & White(Starter Kit).
Wanted to use RBB01(Light Pink), but the color does not contrast with the white, so end up using RBB02.
The 3D kawaii nail art is done using the latest ANGEL PRO Acrylic Powder
coz the colors are very cute & sweet.

Sunday, March 14
130310 - The Sun provided such good lighting thus I took the chance to take a few pics of my pretty nails =)

120310 - I was at PinkRoom to soak off my CNY nails after 5 weeks~~ Done with Angel Pro Soak Off Gel~~

Feels funny because I haven't seen my nails for some time. Hehehe. And it's so long now!!

We started at 3+pm. Soak off. Clean the cuticles. Started doing the nails. Dilly dally here and there.

Rachel did this set of ultra super duper kawaii yummylicious suppy cake nailart on my natural nails~!

OMG. I'm going to flood this post with pictures because I'm so in love with it!!

Love the thumb.

Doing nails with Rachel is so fun... cause we kept talking about nonsensical stuff. And about the Jack Neo scandal. Wahahaha. And she wants to buy the Lollipop phone, after seeing how cute it is. =)

And guess what time we ended..... close to midnight. Oh. I just checked the time. And it's passed midnight!!

We packed up, and went for supper at River Valley. We wanted to share the fish and chips, and the banana ice cream tissue prata. But we forgo the prata as we were too full after the fish and chips.

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