Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kawaii 可愛いNails

More 可愛いnails...

A. is juz gel[ANGEL-PRO SOAKOFF GEL] overlay on natural nails -this technique allows for her very short natural nails to have the strength to grow to its present length. You can see her real nails underneath.
B. is acyclic color gradient extension with stones & 3d ribbon art - this extended the natural short nails to a longer length and added embellishments onto the surface to create the bling-bling effect.

I realised that mixing purple with pink and glitter, is the surest way to create 可愛いlook for your nail art. You gals should try it!

In Japan, everything is 可愛い、可愛い、可愛い、everyday i hear this word repeated over & over again... so I am very kawaii influenced now. It's a good thing though...I realised that it sort of enable my logic mind to accept "illogical" cuteness..haha!!

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